Counterfeit Asics- Nike-Adidas shoes/runners/sneakers

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Asics Kayano $150 off retail, Why? I'll tell you why people, they are not real, they are not made by Asics, they are FAKE! One person sold over 500 pairs in the Big Deal section of ebay, this person does not have an Asics account, in fact, if you get right down to it, maybe 1% of people selling Asics would have an account with Asics or any other high profile sports shoe like Adidas & Nike.

An Asics account;

It is extremely hard to get an account to sell these products, you must go to a viewing, order & pay on that day, then wait 6 months for delivery of your order, you need to show how you would display thier products, what other footwear you sell, a business plan, previous 3 years trading, now I ask you, is this what people on ebay do to be able to sell Asics shoes? NO! Same with Nike & Adidas.

The only way to be sure you are getting the real thing is to buy from a big sports shop. Here is an idea, ask the seller for a copy of thier Asics invoice, if they bought thier shoes from Asics/ Nike/ Adidas, they would have an invoice to prove it & would be happy to show you & prove thier account status. We offer this with our CCC Canterbury products.

Stay safe, keep your money in the country, buy from a reputable dealer & help us help the big manufacturers in the fight against counterfeit production!

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