Cream made from SHEEP'S PLACENTA to overcome blushing and rosasea

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This sheep Placenta currently selling in our store.
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This sheep Placenta currently selling in our store.

I just received a thank you email from my customer all the way from Ireland. Including in the email is the link of an article about Placenta Cream can help to reduce facial blushing and people with rosacea.
According to the health article from UK Daily mail, Doctors said sheep’s placenta contains protein-rich anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce skin redness caused by flushing.
Peter Finigan, medical director of Dr Newmans Clinic, a nationwide clinic which specialises in treating facial thread veins and rosacea, said: 'It is proving very popular with many of our patients facing high-pressured situations in the corporate world, who tell us they are worried that blushing makes them look anxious or inexperienced'.

'Using this cream they can appear more calm and collected. It is protein-rich and has anti-inflammatory properties that are excellent at reducing skin redness."
And Famous fans: Victoria Beckham and Simon Cowell swear by the sheep placenta facial
However, he stresses the cream alone cannot ‘cure’ more serious rosacea or larger facial thread veins, but is effective in lessening mild redness caused by the surge of adrenaline, — which increases blood flow to the face — affecting millions of people.
According to one study, carried out by AMA Laboratories, an independent testing company based in New York, products containing sheep placenta reduced the redness and inflammation associated with rosacea by up to 40 per cent in almost 80 per cent of participants, within 28 days.

And this is the email from my customer:
Dear ozcosmeticsdirect,

Hi, so far in work it has really helped my flushing and blushing of my face tremendously, it keeps my face very cool which is brilliant. If it continues to do this I will continue to buy from you. Below is a link of the article I first read about sheep placenta cream being used for people with rosacea and blushing. Thanks.

Hope this will help my customers who have the same problem!
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