Create Colourful Wax Rocks Creations

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Swirly Rocks!

Adults & children alike love collecting crystals & rocks.

Here is a fun project with lovely wax creations for their rooms or in the garden. (don’t leave the rocks anywhere hot or they may melt). A fun activity for you and the little ones.

Difficulty: Pretty Easy


Smooth Rocks
An Oven
Baking paper
Wax Crayons
Newspapers  or heat protecting surface


Find flat sided rocks in your garden or purchase from a garden centre or craft store.
Place the rocks on the baking paper in a preheated oven at around 200 degrees.
Heat the rocks for 15 minutes so they are hot enough to melt the wax.
Using an oven mitt, take the rocks out of the oven and place on your pile of newspapers
Hold a crayon on a rock until the wax starts melting, then swirl it around with different colours & blobs of melted wax to create a swirled/ colourful appearance
Allow to dry & set

Tips & Warnings: Older children may enjoy this craft, but younger kids should be kept away from the hot rocks.

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