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Creating your own website to sell products has never been easier with today's technology. You can setup your own AMAZING looking website in minutes, and it will cost you next to nothing!

Creating a website for yourself or your business is a something which will take you to a whole new level of success! You may think that it will require hours of work and lots of computer knowledge, but it is simpler than you could ever imagine.

The great thing about having your own website is the freedom it gives you. There are no listing fees, final value fees or listing policies. You are free to create your own website which can look exactly as you want!

Because of policies (ironic, as I was just talking about them) I can't put the link to the ecommerce system we use for our website. I will give you some information and if you are interested, please contact me for the link.

For just $20 a month you can create your own website with unlimited products and no transaction fee! You won't pay a single cent more than $20. PLUS you can even try it out for 30 days for free.

The only downside to creating your own website, in our experience, is the work required to generate traffic. Unlike eBay which brings the customers to you, having your own website will require some advertising to generate sales. The smartest thing to do is to list your items on eBay and grow a customer base. If you put a business card in every package you post then over time you will find that your website will generate more and more sales! Your website will start off slow, but give it time and it has the potential to grow into your primary source of income!

SEO is also also a big part of generating traffic. For those who don't know what SEO is, it is simply your search standing in Google, Bing and other search engines. The ecommerce system has a great SEO system which allows you to boost traffic to your website and increase sales, although you can find out more if you decide to start your own website.

I think I've spoken enough about the benefits of having your own website. If you have even the slightest interest in setting up your own website please contact me either through the eBay system or via email at  and I will give you the link to the site I have been talking about.

You can even take a look at our own website for an idea on the design and how easy it is to make. Just google 'Technology Down Under' in Google and we will be the first result you see (that's how good the SEO is on the ecommerce site).
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