Creating Harmonious Space with Angel Art

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Angel Feng Shui

Traditional Feng Shui attempts to amplify positive life giving energies in man made environments and to enhance the flow of positive energy.
We use Angelic Energies to enhance positive energy Flow. I have been working with the Angels for many years to create Anaheart Flower Remedies and Angel paintings and have used the paintings to create sacred space and to transform negative environments. We conducted some biofeedback testing to see the actual effect the Angel paintings have on the Human Energy Field and the results were amazing. We saw that even the smallest Angel Painting had a considerable positive effect; but when the subject looked at a painting they really liked, the increase in positive energy was incredible.

Angel Paintings to Clear Negativity

Angel Paintings can be used to help clear negative etheric energies, entities or negative Earth energies. These negative energies can affect the feeling of a space and also enhance the behaviour and well being of those who occupy that space.

Adults are often badly affected by "bad vibes" and negative energies can contribute to mental, emotional and physical ill health. Children however, are often affected even more profoundly than adults, as they are more sensitive to etheric energies.

 Many children suffer from fears and anxieties in their normal lives and at night these fears are often greatly intensified. A great number of children suffer from night terrors, sleep difficulties, fear of the dark, bad dreams and nightmares. Bed wetting is often caused by overwhelming fear of getting out of the safe haven of the bed into the DARKNESS, which may be very scary for sensitive children.

Children are much closer to spirit than most adults and can sometimes see etheric beings, for example imaginary friends, that are invisible to most of the population. Other very sensitive children are also haunted by etheric beings in the daytime. The entities that frighten them are negative entities who thrive in an atmosphere of fear and anxiety and who enjoy taunting and frightening the most vulnerable.

One way of overcoming this problem is to uplift the energy vibration of the spaces they inhabit and clear the negative energies.
Wherever there are traces of drug, alcohol or conflict such as family disharmony and arguments, the overall vibration of the house and the people who live there will be lowered. Another cause of spaces that feel bad, is negative energies that may be attached to the physical space itself. Many housing developments in modern times are built on top of ancient cemeteries, sacred sites or where there were atrocities committed. This leaves psychic traces that sensitive people, particularly children can feel and sometimes see.

Everybody has access to their own Angelic helpers: all you have to do is ask for their help and be open to receiving it.
We have also found that Flower essences, essential oils, Reiki energy and meditation and uplifting music, help to create a very high vibration and to clear negative energies.
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