Cree T6 Bike Light Buying Guide

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Cree T6 Bike Light Buying Guide

When people talk of 'Cree' flashlights, many assume that they are referring to a brand of flashlight called 'Cree'. However, Cree itself does not actually make flashlights. Cree makes flashlight lamps, or more specifically, LED flashlight lamps.

The advantages of LEDs over conventional, older filament lamps are many, but amongst the more important are their relative brightness per watt consumed and their longevity, because they do not burn out like conventional lamps. They are also more robust, in that they are very difficult to damage by accident, such as by dropping the torch onto hard ground.

By learning about the different types of T6 bike lights, their features, and possible uses, the purchaser can make a more informed decision as to the T6 lamp that is more suitable for his needs.

Handlebar or Headstock Mounted T6

These units are familiar to anyone who has previously owned a cycle with an 'old-fashioned' incandescent bulb and battery type of lighting system. The headlights fix onto the handlebars themselves, or to a bracket on the headstock, thereby freeing up valuable handlebar real estate.

The design of these units fits them securely in place on the bike. Because of this, and the possibility of theft from an unattended bicycle, these models usually require at least a screwdriver and possibly a pair of pliers to fit properly.

Removable T6 Bike Lights

Increasingly popular are bike headlights that stay in place on the handlebars or headstock via a sturdy clip. This enables the owner to remove the light when the bike is not in use or to use it as a handheld torch, as the batteries are normally in with the LEDs themselves. This means that only the light clip stays on the bike when the owner is away, thereby preventing possible theft.

Removable T6 lights are very popular with mountain bikers and people wishing to use their bikes on camping trips. The bike lights can simply unclip to provide illumination for general use around the campsite.

Wearable T6 Bike Lights

Taking their inspiration from cavers and others who need both hands free, many cyclists are starting to wear head-mounted Cree T6 bike lights. The advantages of these are numerous, but amongst the main ones are that the light source directly aims where the cyclist is looking. Additionally, wearing it on the head means that the cyclist can carry a quite substantial battery back around the waist with no discomfort.

Also, actually wearing the bike lights means that the user never forgets and leaves them on the bicycle. Because of the strapping system in a head-fitting bike light, it is perfectly possible, and comfortable to wear a cycle helmet at the same time.

Cree T6 Bike Light Batteries

Many Cree T6 cycle lights have integral batteries to power the LEDs. These are familiar to buyers who are used to the 'old fashioned' bike lights.

However, as LEDs consume much less current than a standard tungsten filament bulb, this causes the batteries to shrink greatly. Previous bike lights may have had two or even four big 'D' cells to power the filament, whereas a greater brightness is available from a Cree T6 and just two 'AA' cells, with outstanding battery life.

Dry Cell vs. Rechargeable

With modern advances in rechargeable battery technology, and the resulting massive price drop of such batteries, consumers are now more commonly demanding that their batteries are rechargeable. Modern rechargeable batteries are far kinder to the environment than previous generations, but they work out much cheaper to run overall than single-use dry cells.

Because of this, manufacturers build and sell bike lights that are rechargeable. In days gone by, consumers were often nervous of rechargeable battery technology, for fear that their rechargeables might 'die' on them in the middle of a night-time ride. Modern advances, not only in improved rechargeable batteries, but also in the vast reduction of current that Cree LEDs require mean that this is seldom a problem nowadays.

LED Count

For many people, a single Cree T6 LED is adequately bright enough to see, and be seen, but there are many models of flashlight containing Cree T6 LEDs with multiple LEDs in them. Three, five, or even seven LED models are quite common, but the user should be aware that the more LEDs inside a torch, the more current they draw, and the quicker the batteries run down.

Type of Light


Headstock Mounted T6

1,000 lumens with 100 lumens-per-watt

Removeable T6 Bike Lights

1,600 lumens with 12 watts

Wearable T6 Bike Lights

1,190 lumens with 4 watts

While each light emits different lumen counts, each model within the line of products also emits varying amounts of power. A removeable light is ideal for camping, and the extra power can come in handy. However a wearable light, with a lower lumen count than a removeable light, can shine light wherever one needs it without the need for excess power.

How to Buy a Cree T6 Bike Light on eBay

Buying a Cree T6 bike light from eBay is really a simple matter. The main issue is simply knowing which type of bike light one needs, or failing that, spending as much time as possible browsing products and comparing features, benefits, and of course, prices.

When looking to purchase a Cree T6 bike light from a particular vendor, it is worth checking over the vendor's previous sales history and seeing what other purchasers have said about that particular vendor. It may also be worth checking whether the vendor has other special offers to bundle in with the bike light. Vendors are usually happy to help in answering any questions the purchaser may have regarding a particular product. Further, consumers can purchase bike accessories, thanks to eBay's Deals page for health and fitness items.

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