Cremation Urn, A Practical Purchasing Guide

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Cremation Urn - A Practical Purchasing Guide
by: Lucent Mobley

Cremation urns are becoming more popular with many families who have recently lost a loved one. They are beginning to choose cremation as opposed to burial for many reasons. This can include budget, personal preference or even religious observances. If someone you love wishes to be cremated after death, cremation urns are something that you will need to look for and select. Here is some information that you may find helpful.

Many people are surprised to find that the cremains (the term for the end products of cremation) are not as smooth and fine as they are made out to be in the movies and on television. Cremains are made up of ashes and bone dust and tend to be very gritty and coarse. They are housed in a plastic bag which is then placed in cremation urns.

You may wonder why there are different sizes of cremation urns. The fact is that a larger person will generate a larger quantity of cremains than a shorter or lighter person will. Therefore, selecting the right size is important when choosing cremation urns. Cremation urns are measured in the cubic inches that they hold. One pound of body weight usually equals roughly one cubic inch of cremains. By using this formula you will generally be able to calculate the size of the urn you will need. Any remaining space will be taken up by the waterproof bag that the remains are stored in.

Generally, when calculating the size of urn to buy, you simply convert one pound of body weight into one cubic inch of cremains. You simply calculate this and then choose the urn based on the number of cubic inches that the urn will hold.

Urns that will be interred (buried) need to be more durable and special cremation urns are made to handle being placed in the ground. They are normally made out of metal that will not corrode or degrade. You may find that these start out being plainer than urns that are meant for display.

Did you know that there are different urns designed for different purposes? Generally, when choosing cremation urns you need to know whether the person will be buried after they are cremated, displayed in a building or other sheltered area, or whether they will be placed into an outdoor memorial. This will influence the material that the urn is made out of. For example, indoor displays mean that you can choose an urn made of glass, porcelain or other delicate materials.

Burial generally calls for a metal urn that will not rust or break down when it is in the ground. They shield the cremains from the weather and keep them preserved almost indefinitely. They may be plain or highly decorated depending on your budget and personal preferences.

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