Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin Etc - Trusted Buyers & Blacklisted Ones!

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Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin Etc - Trusted Buyers & Blacklisted Ones! (WARNING)

List of my experiences in cryptocurrency trade (selling) & the outcomes (good & bad)
There is a huge degree of fraudulent buying activity related to this item & no sellers protection is provided by PayPal (although they don't advise you of that until it's too late). Such a significant percentage of buyers do so fraudulently because they have knowledge of a loop hole in where the can reverse their payment through PayPal (no questions asked) anytime for a long period of time after the transaction has been settled i.e. after you have made the irretrievable transfer of which ever cryptocurrency to them in whatever amount. Basically, they are free to steel over and over again and just play dumb, the typical 'my eBay & PayPal accounts got hacked' (of course never before reporting this dilemma until to the transfer is completed). Fellow distributes, I feel we need to band together and report on your good experiences and bad in order benefit one another. User names/other details can be sent through to me to report and submit to eBay for investigation if neccessary.

BLACKLISTED w Details (Do Not Trust!)
-  s44fxx2011 - stole $200! 
- brianhfbg - $35 with negative feedback (perhaps hacked account - no support received in matter)  
-  zamal606 (Graham Walker/grahamwalker46@  gmail . com) - stole $625! + instigated 5 other linked referrals (accounts are clearly linked i.e. they know each other but evidence has been dismissed). Getting law enforcement and insurance involved to investigate and will not rest to action to take on the condemned. 
- Oscar Pearce (ozbar @ aol . com) - stole $625!   
-  stephen downs (stephendowns01 @ googlemail . com) - stole $625! 
-  Wedding Perfection Ltd (perfectionandkellyblackdesign @ gmail . com) - stole $625! 
-  Susan Ellis (susanj.ellis @ o2. co. uk) - stole $625! 
-  Claire Evans (claireevans794 @ btinternet. com) - stole $625! 
- With others perhaps pending due to the 180 time-frame buyers have to lodge the no questions asked reverse payments ('chargebacks') through PayPal. You cryptocurrency once transferred can Not be retrieved. Buyer will keep the cash and your cryptocurrency!! 

-Check all names/emails/usernames based on information given above and do Not cooperate with these pure Frauds! Report them to there local law enforcement offices immediately if you come into contact with them at anytime trying to conduct a sale.  

-Get into contact with us too and we will also take any evidence and present it to eBay for you for investigation. 

TRUSTED (in my experience thus far)
stilrunin222 - $200 (seem nothing but legit/left feedback/no complaints)
deve_perk - $100 (as above)

Again based purely on my experiences so far. Pushed hard to sell only to be totally crippled from countless users. Countless personal software, mining contracts and Bitcoin ATM purchases all lost on based on total productivity of years to date on Xmas & NY. 

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PayPal resolution centre of recent fraudulent activity. If not sure about the circumstances I do not report on it as I can not back up my claim for sure. But once I conclude well beyond reasonable doubt these people/user are up to no good I report upon this injustice.
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