Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin, Litecoin Etc Buyer Blacklist!

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Seller of crypto-currency? Including; Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, Namecoin, Darkcoin & More!

Having dedicating a lot of my time into following & understanding what drives the Share-Market & analysing trends & growths of companies & so on, I think it was invertible my introduction to the crypto-currency Bitcoin (& later others) really sparked an interest in me after the potential benefits, acceptance & popularity of them became more and more apparent to me. Benefits like; free worldwide transfers fees, low or free purchase transaction fees, free account keeping fees, growing accessibility & exposure as a genuine & safe way to store & spend a widely accepted currency which is easily redeemable or transferable & being able to invest what you can afford (without overheads costs like broker fees and so to consider).

This review is really more about some of the unfortunate downsides and a cautionary tail to other distributes with trading them 'loosely' online (eBay, PayPal or direct) as a way of making some additional income. I spent nearly a year studying the best ways to acquire & use them from an investment point of view before even making my first proper investment (from a low-income point of view). Mining came next with mixed results, though did and has progressively improved with more and more knowledge & wisdom being absorbed nearly everyday. Obtaining them & trading i.e. selling them on trusted platforms also requires skill, luck & knowledge due to significant differences offered in buy/sell prices and also transaction fees and commissions coming into play. eBay has adjusted their fee structure quiet a few times i.e. final value fees, PayPal & ad fees so generally I found trading on independent websites incurred less overhead expenses. Though after some-time and a credit owed from eBay to me I decided to briefly analyse the eBay trading platform with surprising but inevitably devastating results. Surprising because for what-ever reason the rates where nearly reaching $1000US/BTC (late 2014) when the real live exchange rates where on average only about $350. Failure to act cautiously due to do what I was witnessing was a huge lesson in wisdom for I which is the real message I am trying to pass on here. It's very hard to trade loosely when establishments don't advertise or warn the 100's of victims who are selling about the lack of recognition these cryptocurrency should have already. PayPal does not support financial draw-back investigations regardless of your evidence of purchase.

This review will be update later but here is a Blacklist Of Buyers to Not accept purchases from (even after payment is made) when trading through eBay or direct through PayPal (which is 100% ill-advised to anyone you don't 110% trust). Cancel these buyers purchases and refund their PayPal accounts, do Not make the transfer of your crypto-currency otherwise you will lose it forever due to PayPals no questions asked Charge-back feature. These are all confirmed fraudulent buyers who have wrong me and stolen my property (BTCs etc) and fraudulently taken advantage of PayPal flawed system in getting their money drawn-back out from my account (but of course only ever reporting it after receiving this non-refundable stolen property).

s44fxx2011 - stole $200!
- brianhfbg - $35 with negative feedback (perhaps hacked account - no support received in matter) 
-  zamal606 (Graham Walker/grahamwalker46@  gmail . com) - stole $625! + instigated 5 other linked referrals (evidence of FaceBook links & more)  accounts for the same amount of $625 - details below 
- Oscar Pearce (ozbar @ aol . com) - stole $625!  
stephen downs (stephendowns01 @ googlemail . com) - stole $625!
Wedding Perfection Ltd (perfectionandkellyblackdesign @  gmail . com) - stole $625!
Susan Ellis (susanj.ellis @ o2. co. uk) - stole $625!
Claire Evans (claireevans794 @ btinternet. com) - stole $625!
- With others perhaps pending due to the 180 time-frame buyers have to lodge the no questions asked reverse payments ('chargebacks') through PayPal. You cryptocurrency once transferred can Not be retrieved. Buyer will keep the cash and your cryptocurrency!!

Check all names/emails/usernames based on information given above and do Not cooperate with these pure Frauds! Report them to there local law enforcement offices immediately if you come into contact with them at anytime trying to conduct a sale. 

Get into contact with us too and we will also take any evidence and present it to eBay for you for investigation.

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Progress so far with all these awful thieves! They pay, you send, they reverse payment but keep your property and play dumb 'oh, I got hacked' (of six related accounts of people who know each other) Complete disregard for any evidence you can provide as proof of purchase and delivery of goods by merchant.


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