Crystals 101: Selecting and Connecting with Crystals

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Nature's beauty finds many ways to nurture joy in our lives.
Experiencing the essence and beauty of nature helps ground our busy lives,
and the simple act of holding a natural crystal from the earth,
may invoke a sense of deep wonderment and peace.

The sparkling light and captivating beauty of crystals appeals to such a vast array of people: including mineral collectors and crystal enthusiasts, complementary therapists and those working in metaphysical arts, as well as people from all walks of life, young and old alike.

Why do crystals and gemstones evoke such widespread appeal? Perhaps it is because now, more than ever, we as human beings are experiencing rapid changes in lifestyle. The fast-paced, often dizzying lifestyles of our modern world beckon to the soul for reconnection.

Crystals, minerals and gemstones hold timeless appeal, for they allow you to feel a wondrous sense of connection with Nature. Simply holding a crystal evokes a nervous system response that attunes your consciousness with your inner bliss.

A Myriad of Crystals: Selecting and Connecting with Crystals

Opening to the realm of crystals allows you to deeply connect with your inner bliss and selecting your own crystals need not be a mystifying or complicated process. Crystals are available in an array of truly remarkable expressions, including tumbled and polished crystal and mineral stones, natural facets and rock crystals, and radiant faceted crystals fashioned into stunning jewellery.

Discovering your own crystal treasures may evoke many different responses: from mild excitement to all out exhilaration. In essence, connecting with the exquisite beauty and essence of crystals is the beginning of a unique journey of self- discovery. There are many wonderful books and resources offering guidance when it comes to selecting crystals. However the greatest resource when selecting your own crystals is your heart and feelings.

When choosing your very own crystal treasures, allow your senses to be drawn by your inner knowing. Trust your instincts and let your feelings guide you to the stones and crystals you feel good about.

Gently caress the crystal in your hand and allow the colours, tactile sensations and feelings evoked to touch your heart. If you are purchasing crystals online, gaze deeply into the image of the crystal on your screen. Ask yourself: what is it that deeply attracts you to the crystal? This will give you a clue about your wonderful inner attributes. In the same way, a crystal that you dislike, may hint at hidden, suppressed or discordant attributes.

As you telepathically connect with the crystal, recognise any changes in feeling within your physical body, emotions and mind. Sometimes you may feel a 'pull' or sense a 'hum' as you connect with a crystal - in such cases there is a deep resonance occurring.

Crystal Energy: What is Crystal Energy Resonance?

Crystals are very special in that they are pure energy within form. Like all matter, crystals are composed of minute particles called atoms. Atoms are basic units of energy that are not really matter at all, but rather subtle vibrations, each being attuned to the source of universal energy.

Resonance describes the intensification of energetic vibrations, which produces a wave frequency. A resonant object absorbs more energy when the frequency of its vibrations matches the natural frequency or vibration (resonant frequency) of the energy stimulus. Although this sounds complex, it simply means that we as human beings have more than one resonant frequency, which responds to those frequencies that have the strongest resonance. In other words, our atoms will easily vibrate at a closely responding energy frequency, while they will vibrate less at other frequencies. While this is occurring at an atomic level, the subconscious intuitive receptors tend to pick out resonant frequencies from a complex excitation, such as an impulse or a noise excitation. In effect, it is filtering out all frequencies other than its resonance.

Crystal energy is emitted as a vibration, which interacts with the electromagnetic energy field in and around us, in ways that may seem imperceptible. For example, the crystal may emit subtle vibrational colour frequencies, or sound vibrations that resonate outside of our conscious awareness to fine-tune our electromagnetic field. In essence, the energy frequency (or resonating life force) of a crystal is like a wave song that evokes an association, memory or emotion.

Though one may be unconsciously attracted to the vibrational essence, or energy resonance of crystals, the beauty and radiance of crystals impinges upon the physical senses, producing heightened states of conscious awareness. Physically connecting with a crystal sends a sensory impulse through the central nervous system to the memory centres of our brain, where 'feelings' are evoked by the colour, shape, texture and resonance of the crystal.

Connecting with crystals is a very personal and subjective experience, which facilitates a truly unique and wondrous journey into the realms of your deepest knowing. Each crystal has it's own special energy and as precious heart gifts from Mother Earth - each is a remarkable and dynamic expression of beauty, energy and light.

Article written by Kimberlee Raye, Crystal Dreamer

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