Crystals and Other Things

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The following will briefly describe to you what should do in regards to Crystals, Gems and other Spiritual Items.

When looking for something it is beneficial to do your research. Different Materials contain different chemicals which can help release certain ailments from the body. The below is a short guide for yourself should you wish to gain more information, please do not hesitate to contact myself on Ebay and I will help you as much as I can.

The world is filled with many different beings, some for light, some for dark. Of course these are my own personal opinions, and research into such matters is greatly needed before taking the elemental matters into your own hands.

The world is made of four elements; Earth, Wind, Fire and Water, all of which are beneficial to the universe. Like Ying and Yang, Dark and Light, these four elements create the world.

Described BRIEFLY below are Certain Crystals which I have done some research of. Please read through these and make your own judgement calls. Please remember that all Crystals, whether it is from a person you know, a store in a Shopping Center, a fellow person of like minds across Ebay, need to be cleansed. This is to make certain that no bad ill is upon this crystal. You need to have a bath to clean yourself of dirt and grime, a Crystal needs this to reabsorb its energy.

Basics of Healing a Crystal:
There are several ways to do so. The first and most common is to use a "Smudge Stick" this is usually made of sage, but can also contain traces of cedarwood and other incense of cleansing. Hold the crystal above a smouldering *NOT FLAMING* Smudge stick for approximately 30 seconds, you will sense when it has had enough and is cleansed.
Another common way is to place the crystal into a wooden bowl do not at any stage use a metal bowl, always remember this "IS IT OF THE EARTH?" and fill with Warmed Purified Water with sea salt, as this will rejuvinate the Crystal. Please be advised that you must triple check which Crystal you do this with, as some become adsorbant in water. Please verify this before trying it out on a new crystal. Leave it in the water for several hours (Four or Five should surfice.)

Those are just two of MANY ways to cleanse Crystals, but these are the easiest for beginers.

I understand that I said I would talk more about the powers of different crystals, I will continue on this in the future.

~*~ Blessings ~*~
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