Crystals for Balancing and Grounding your Energy

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Black Obsidian Heart for Grounding and Balance
Crystals for Grounding & Balancing

Sometimes our energies get out of wack due to stressful routines such as work, children & keeping up with our daily lives. This can cause our energy to feel run-down, exhausted, unbalanced & ungrounded. There are many crystals that are most effective for grounding, it is best to use your intuition when choosing a stone that is best for you. Here are a few examples that I have personally found most suitable, but don't take my word, experiment and try for yourself. Choose one that  most effective for your energy, you can experience the proof by the way your body feels. I highly recommend Judy Hall's "The Crystal Bible" if you do not already own as an excellent resource for basic crystal metaphysical healing tips and/or advanced crystals in Volume: 2.


Carnelian is an excellent stone for grounding your energy into your physical body, activating the base chakra. Place on the navel for about 15-20 minutes after meditating or anytime of the day you feel appropriate to ground all energies back into the body, connecting to Mother Earth. This will balance and ground the emotional body, especially after turmoil, trauma or negative upsets. Carnelian is an excellent stone to have in your crystal healing kit, highly suitable in a lay-out to boost and ground your energy. Place 12 tumbles around the physical body, for about 20 minutes. Or place with other crystals to cleanse. Place by the front door for protection & to invite abundance in all areas of the home.

*Black Obsidian*

Black Obsidian is made up of molten lava from a volcano, it works quickly and effectively to connect and ground your energy through your Base Chakra to the heart of Mother Earth. It will effectively remove and block negative thoughts and insults from others and block negative energies from the environment. Position a large piece in your home or work environment where you sense alot of negativity. Please be aware that Black Obsidian is a strong and powerful stone that some people find overwhelming. Replace with a Silver or Golden Sheen Obsidian or Snowflake Obsidian which energies are gentler in effect. For grounding or after a stressful day at work hold for about 15-20 minutes & cleanse in sea salt for 24 hours after completion, ready for use again.


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