Curling My Little Pony Hair

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My Little Pony hair is made of nylon, and lends itself very well to being curled.Here is my step-by-step guide on how I curl my ponies' hair.

You will need:
Mild shampoo
Good conditioner
Leave-in hair moisturiser
Plastic drinking straws
A lot of bobby pins
Wash basin

1. Make sure your pony's hair is nice and clean, if not, give her a quick shampoo and condition. Make sure you use mild shampoo and a good conditioner and warm water only. Remember that too much heat will make hair go frizzy over time. I use my own shampoo on my ponies, because they're worth it :)

2. Make sure you've rinsed out all the conditioner and squeezed most of the water out of her hair. Then get a very small amount of leave-in hair conditioner on your fingers and work it through the areas of hair that need attention. Obviously you will not need to use moisturiser at all if your pony's hair is already in good condition. The parts that are most commonly frizzy are the ends of the tail and mane, and ponies whose hair was originally curly are more likely to get frizz.

3. Next you need to get the straws and cut them into short lengths. About 5-6cm long for adult pony manes and about 8-10cm long for adult pony tails. Cut as many lengths as you want curls.

4. Separate the mane into the size curls you want and begin to wrap it around the straws, starting from the end closest to the body and working out. This can be a bit fiddly but is worth it. It tends to get easier the more you do it. Remember, the tighter you wind it around, the tighter the curls will be.

5. Secure the curl at the top of the straw with a bobby pin or two. Secure it at the bottom with another couple of bobby pins. You may need to shift the bobby pins around so that the ends of the hair are included, otherwise you will have spiky ends.

6. The tail can be done in exactly the same way, just use the large straw sections. You won't need to do as many on the tail. 4-5 curl sections is usually enough.

7. Leave the curls in for at least 24 hours. The longer you leave them, the better the curls will be and the longer they will stay in. If the curls are too clumped together, gently separate them a bit. If the moisturiser leaves the hair a bit greasy just rub your fingers gently over the curls and the excess moisturiser will come off on your hands.

Remember NEVER to use curling irons or any kind of heat on your pony's hair as it will melt, it is plastic after all.

Hope this helps you fellow pony lovers out there!
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