Custom Build Your BMX Bike

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Custom Build Your BMX Bike

BMX bikes have been a staple for many bicycle enthusiasts. Customising a BMX bike is at the heart of the BMX consumer with the many add-ons and styles to create a certain uniqueness and originality. The parts that make up the bulk of the bike are the frame, wheels, and crank. Many BMX part manufacturers offer an assortment of products, which consumers can use to revision and make a bike their own.



To begin a customisation search, one should start with the frame, as it is one of the most prominent features of a bike. The three basic frames available are the high tensile steel, chromoly, and reinforced aluminium. The three frame types serve unique functions, and it is up to the customiser to pick the one that fits their goal and riding style. A steel frame can be utilised in various situations and climates, and has a general all-purpose use. An aluminium frame is lighter in weight, and well known for its easy ability to perform tricks. The chromoly frame is for the person who likes to go off-roading. Frames should be picked to fit certain lifestyles, as all are not the same. Frames can range from $200 to $2000.



Cranks come in a variety of sizes and pieces. Generally, the taller the person, the longer the crankshaft should be. Cranks range from 1-piece to 3-piece, and the higher number of pieces the strong the crank. The crank should be designed in accordance with the way the bike will be used. It is important to choose a crank that fits the rider's body size, as everyone is different, and the right fit gets the most use out of the bike. If it is desired to do tricks, one should go with the lighter weight cranks, because it is easier to get more lift on jumps.



Rims are important to anyone who wants to get the most out of their bike. Rims come in various sizes and spokes. The street and park rims have 36 spokes. Racing rims range between 16 and 26 spokes, but the most popular is 20 spokes. Dirt bike rims come range between 16 and 18 inches for the younger riders and around 20 inches for the older one. Some riders' request up to 40+ spokes for aggressive riding, but it is hard to find manufacturers who offer that type of rim. The build chosen is solely up to individual preferences.



Custom tyres are available and serve a multitude of purposes, from racing, off-roading, tricks, and general ridership. Tyres are going to wear out faster with high-speed movements and jumps, so a sturdy tyre with a long shelf life and a good inner tube is the best way to go for the extreme rider.



The bike fork is the main slot for the front wheel. The type of fork to decide on depends the intention of use for the bike. Most manufacturers classify their forks by category, such as dirt, race, and park. The street and dirt forks can range between $50 and $200. Racing forks can go as high as $300.



Handlebars are at that front of the bike and act as a stabiliser for the torso and steering wheel to navigate. Handlebars come in a variety of styles depending on what the bike is intended for. BMX handlebars are unique in that they are higher-up than regular bars, with a cross brace that provides more durability and balance. The differences between the chromoly, high-tensile steel, and aluminium specific qualities carry over to handlebars. Handlebars can also be customised to be wider, shorter, and whatever else suits individual body sizes.



Headsets sit balanced between the fork and the bicycle frame to act as a suspension for the bike. BMX headsets come in three different types. Standard headsets come with most BMX bikes and have been the industry standard for years. Integrated headsets are used for chromoly frames and off-roading. Integrated headsets are used for aluminium frames and suited for racing.


How to Buy Custom BMX Parts on eBay

BMX mods are available on eBay with representatives from many different companies. One can find all the cranks, frames, rims, and tyres in various types, styles, and customs. A basic search can be done for "BMX parts" in any of the search pages. If that brings back too broad a result, get more specific with what you are looking for. Always make sure to check the buyer reputation and that the terms of service meet your requirements. BMX Bikes are great for a lot of things, and have a world of possibilities for customisation.

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