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The mark 3 versions were amazing but these ones are even better. The extra cable is much needed and the varying voltage allows you to use it in foreign countries. No more holidays to America where you find out your beloved GHDs won't work as they should :-).

What I love about GHDs and what is obvious when compared to other brands, is that they lock in moisture and minerals in your hair due to the Infra-Red heat they emit. This means that your hair always keeps its good condition (obviously be aware that straightening damage can still occur if your abuse them lol).

To the person who complained about their GHDs not working and to the person who said GHD didn't want to know. That is not the response I have found. I know that GHD have taken peoples straighteners back (when their warranty has expired) and found they have been faulty and offered to trade them in and offer new MK4 ones for half price.

While for some it may seem steep forking out about £100 for these but they really really do a fantastic job. My opinion is what is £100 for the knowledge that you may never have a bad hair day in your life again 



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