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Customer Satisfaction is either high on the list for Sellers or it isn't.
What if a Seller believes he or she has gone out of their way to ensure a Buyers satisfaction but the Buyer just cannot be made happy? It's true that frustration from both sides can equally occur. A Seller aims to be dedicated, take a professional approach ensuring all communication is handled effectively and  to keep his or her trading ethics up to date.
Like text messaging when using a mobile phone, much of the communication between parties can be lost when dealing over the internet, such as tone of voice and facial expression. Sometimes context can be misconstrued. While emotion remains 'visually' absent, only the technical is 'actually' experienced. This unfortunately can at times leave a Buyer with a sense of disappointment in that 'the transaction has felt somewhat impersonal.'
When a Buyer visits a Sellers listing page or Store they expect to receive what is listed with all its inclusions exactly as stated. From time to time, a Seller may have made a mistake in submitting a listed item, stated an incorrect charge for posting or provided a wrong description.This can be entirely unintentional and though rare among the more seasoned Sellers, it can happen. Human imperfection I think they call it. At these times there may arise dispute in the Buyer being left feeling cheated when at auction end for example, it is discovered that an extra cost for a certain postal location must be included yet was not accounted for. Even if this is an extra $1.00. A small thing to the Seller but a huge thing maybe for the Buyer who now thinks, "Right, I can't believe this! I am going to leave negative feedback!"
It is recommended that a Seller attempt to sort any issue with a Buyer promptly and do what they can to iron out any problems. Good communication never goes astray!
Depending on the situation  a Buyer will be pleased with the Sellers sincere attempts to ensure his or her satisfaction. At other times no level of effort on the Sellers part will be found acceptable and a Seller can  be left feeling as though they are ripping their hair out. This being said it is not good practise to be quick to accuse or take up a formal complaint with Ebay Customer Service. If 'Landmines' can be viewed as a trade learning experience to improve customer relations then negative feedback can be taken in ones stride. Negative feedback should never be personalized and granted an attack against an individual who may otherwise be viewed as a valuable part of the general community on and off Ebay. How a Buyer chooses to perceive their shopping experience remains truly unique to each person.


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