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Whilst the art of selling can come quite naturally to many people it does not necessarily mean that those same people will receive repeat or follow up business from the same customer.   Repeat business is a guaranteed way to keep your sales high and your marketing costs low.

For a lot of people they seem to feel that once the item is sold the work is over and they can sit back and wait for the money to arrive.  Whilst this is technically correct it isnt going to endear you to new or existing customers.

Top ten tips for providing excellent customer service:

  1. The customer may not always be right but the customer is still the customer.
  2. Enquiries are not an intrusion on your day, THEY are the REASON for your day.
  3. Don't delay in forwarding invoices for sold items so the customer has all the information they need at their fingertips.
  4. Don't delay in responding to an enquiry.  Unnecessary delays will result in lost sales.  No-one likes to have to wait for a response.
  5. Ensure you post positive feedback as soon as payment is received.  
  6. Avoid posting negative feedback - liase with the customer rather than posting negative feedback - it will only snowball otherwise.
  7. Provide a satisfaction guarantee with every sale.  If the customer isnt happy then you shouldn t be either.
  8. Only sell quality items that you would want to purchase yourself.  Do not try to pass off poor quality for the sake of a quick sale - it will lessen sales in the long run.
  9. ALL ebay members are potential customers.  Be it a new or existing member each one deserves to be judged on their own merit.  We all had to start somewhere so don't judge someone because they have no sales or purchases with feedback.
  10. ENJOY what you are doing - this will then be reflected in the service you provide.  If you are not enjoying it - don't do it.

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