Customer service means success

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The customer is always right in the real world, and it's sound advice for the virtual world. You are your reputation on ebay. You should make the most of technology and harness that ability to communicate instantly with anyone anywhere in the world. Reply immediately to any email. If you can't because you're at work, reply as soon as you can and explain why there is a delay. The personal touch makes a big difference. Your customers will feel like you care and it will keep them coming back for more. Instead of that stony face in a department store, you can use email to your advantage, communicating a friendly, caring tone. Sometimes you feel the customer is asking the obvious, but make sure you don't convey that annoyance in your email. For example, I had a CD with FREE POSTAGE advertised. One person emailed me to ask how much the postage was? I was tempted to write: "Free means free", but instead wrote. "Postage is free. Thanks for your inquiry." They purchased the CD. You should follow through at every step along the way, whether it's fielding inquiries about the items you are selling, acknowledging payments or giving feedback. Once payment has been received, post that item within two business days. Do not delay. Your customer is excited about their purchase and will be waiting. If you have purchased anything on ebay yourself, you should be able to appreciate their anticipation. If you follow this guide and you are completely honest about the quality and condition of your goods, you should have no trouble receiving 100% positive feedback.
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