Customers Question On Re-Gummed Stamps

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Was recently asked a good question from one of my customers and thought it was a question that I should share my answer with my other customers and fellow ebayers.

"Hi again Simon,

Been reading your guide on facsimile stamps, and found it most helpful. Have been thinking about buying a couple to fill 'those gaps'. Have become aware that some sellers sell re-gummed stamps, is there a trick on identifying these?
Regards and thanks Graham"


Hi Graham,

Re-gummed stamps are a problem not only on eBay though across the board retail stamp dealers included.  With old stamps in most cases the gum should have some cracking caused from age.  Though this sometimes is not the case.  In general if the gum looks to perfect it most likely could be re-gummed. 

Without naming some sellers I have noticed that they are starting to get clever and are re-gumming stamps that appear to have a slightly toned appearence giving the gum an aged look.

Spotting re-gummed stamps is becoming harder to do with some sellers even adding hinges after regumming.  I would suggest finding someone or a few stamp dealers you feel you can trust and stick to purchasing from your trusted list.  (Items should be well described with reasonable sized pictures that mention and show any faults in the stamp)

I have purchased items of eBay in the past and the seller has refused to give me a refund if I returned the item.  This I count as being a big no no, and would never purchases from this seller again.  Though you need to make your own decision on who you purchase from.  I will be happy to give you my opion on any any item you maybe considering on purchasing.  There are good sellers on eBay and unfortunitly there is also the crooks that pray on people and give eBay a bad name.

Kindest Regards

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