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About the Darts Academy..

Hello my name is Jim and I have had the pleasure for 35 years in specialising in Darts Coaching, Products, Help and advice. I run my Darts Academy from home 7 days a week.. great hours for those who need the time to improve their Darts game and I visit Darts Clubs and Tournaments all over Perth and country areas.. I hope I can Help You..
Here are a few ideas and thoughts that I have used successfully over the past 35 years.
It is very important to find the right weight of Darts and then the shape
(bullet style or straight barrel are the best 2 styles of Darts)
Always where possible try the Darts before you buy..
The Flights and stems come next..
Stems What type Plastic or Metallic and then the length
Extra short, short, medium or long.
Flights What shape and material
3 common shapes , standard, pear/tear drop, kite and there are others to try.
Material of the flights, soft and strong plastic, metallic, cloth and there are others to try..
Lastly set up your Darts and then practice and play as much as you can 
at the same time fine tuning your accessories till Your consistency improves.
Other Improvements will come from....
Work on Your Grip,
Throwing action, 
Train Your Hand and Eye to Co Ordinate,
 Know Your number combos,
Concentration and Focus,
And what I personally have found....TRUST YOUR THROW...
YES a lot to learn and do..
But no one said it would be easy...
And you'll just never know.. That "180" maybe closer then You Think..
Great Darts
Warm wishes
Dartsacademy of Australia

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