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It's a sad fact of life, that you are going to come across customers who are showing their dark side.

  • Customers who haggle over the postage price, although you listed it clearly in your listing.  Sometimes, buyers just don't accept "handling" charges, despite the fact that your packaging, time, effort and petrol have gone into sending off an item that they probably got at a bargain price.
  • Customers who demand to know where their item is - when all along, you know you posted it and have proof of postage.  They don't want to spend the money to have you post their item registered post, but if it is delayed for one reason or another, they immediatley demand a refund.
  • Customers who receive an item that you know was in good condition, then suddenly produce a photo of an item with a hole in it and want a refund.  You know the hole wasn't in it, but the customer says they received it like that.  You ask them to return it, and they haggle with you over who should pay the cost of the return.
  • Customers who don't pay and then have the audacity to send you streams of emails abusing you.

Yes, it's a sad state of affairs.

And unfortunately, there's no easy fix.  It just seems that some people are so hell-bent on getting a "bargain", that they don't think for a minute that you may be making ebay your supplementary income.  Sometimes, I wonder if these people actually communicate the same way in their day to day lives, because if this is the case - they must be very lonely.

I don't think there's a solution but know that you are not alone.  The best thing to do if you receive threatening email in your private email (not ebay) is to send a copy of the email to ebay support.  Remember, there is no excuse for abuse.

Obviously, you need to ensure that you are doing all that you can to remain professional - but not at a loss to yourself.  Afterall, you're not selling items on eBay to make yourself into a charity.  Like me, you're probably trying to make a little extra money in a safe environment.

Good manners costs nothing - it's FREE.  So, when you have trouble with your ebay customers, take a deep breath and remember that you cannot control the other person's nasty behaviour, but you can control your own.

Philosophical and ideal, perhaps.  Just remember that sometimes, it doesn't matter how obliging you are, how accommodating - some people will give you a negative, just for kicks.  It doesn't matter, hold your head up, continue selling and learn from the experience.  Maybe cover yourself by adding some policies in your listings so that there can be no misunderstanding at a later date.

Above all, happy selling.





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