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We at Just Treasures love to sell Unique Gifts for any occassion, Being Newbaby, Christenings, 1st Birthdays etc,

We stock assorted gifts from Snowglobes to Carousels, Educational Toys, & lots more.

A bit about the Snowglobes.  Disney release new snowglobes every 4-5 months... I must admit they are extremely addictive, as 1 turns to 3, then 10 and before you know it you need another cabinet to fit them all in....

Customers always ask me about retired snowglobes. And yes, once a Disney Snowglobes sells out, it does become a retired piece and price does go up in value.  They usually released between 2,000 - 3,000 snowglobes of the one style only.  

Airbubbles are not classified a defect therefore if you get a snowglobe with an airbubble dont be too stressed about it, as it doesnt deprive the value of the snowglobe, a little bit of air espcapes in the globe, as its being made and that is how they are released...

Dont put your snowglobes near sunlight as Snowglobes can form airbubbles in sunlight and or get cloudy...

Its always wise once a month to get our your displayed globes and give them a shake or too..

If you have a broken snowglobe and need it repaired, you can contact us and we will give you details of a supplier we know, however he is located in the USA, so it will cost you to send to him and get it back... Is it worth it ? Depending on how much it means to you...

We are always happy to assit with finding the rare snowglobe that you once had in mind...however if it has retired the chances of it being around is slim... We do stock rare snow globes so you can always keep a look out on our site.

Snow Globes are our best seller when it comes to CHRISTENINGS, NEWBORN GIFTS, BIRTHDAY...How many toys and clothes can a child get for a christening... At least with a SNOWGLOBE they get to keep it forever & even can pass it down to their children. THATS WHY SNOWGLOBES ARE SO SPECIAL......


Visit us at just-treasures*

We stock Disney Snowglobes


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