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A DIY guide for bamboo panel fence installation

The Palm Place Nursery has broken it down into simple steps on how to save you money by installing bamboo panels onto your own fence.
Very simple & easy method, follow this installation process to guide you on doing it yourself.
Bamboo fencing panels are designed for flexibility whether you have a traditional pine post & rail fence, colour bond or cyclone fence.
Steps for a Successful installation
Ensure your existing fence is stable and in good condition, if you have a timber fence check for loose screws nails and rotting timber, check and replace if required.
Check stability of upright posts by gently rocking back and forth and left to right, some movement is normal however if you notice the post is loose or the ground around the post is moving repair and stabilise posts to ensure longevity and security.
Most properties particularly older properties have a slight slope, this may not be noticeable to the naked eye and can make the finished product look uneven. Use a spirit level to ensure your fence is level and flat.
Decide whether you are going to fit the panels directly to the existing fence or build a timber frame to affix the panels to. For example if you have a post & rail fence and have the rails on your side it may be easier to build a timber frame, if you have the smooth flush side you may be able to apply directly to the fence. Tip – Make sure any screws and nails do not protrude through your fence to the neighbour’s side.
Finally before starting work check with local council for any regulations or permits, particularly if increasing the fence height, also ensure you are not blocking access to utilities or services such as gas or water meters, any digging in the area should be preceded by calling services such as “Dial before you Dig” to ensure compliance.
Measure twice cut once.

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