DIY Bedroom Design and Renovation Ideas

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DIY Bedroom Design and Renovation Ideas

When homeowners are looking to spruce up a bedroom, it doesn’t always require a team of professionals to complete the task. In fact, there are lots of bedroom updates that a person can undertake on their own at home.


Change Drawer Knobs or Pulls

Without replacing whole furniture pieces, homeowners can spruce up the look of their drawers by simply swapping out old knobs or pulls for new ones. Many stores sell creative and unique drawer pulls, including home goods stores and online retailers such as eBay, so a homeowner can simply pick out a drawer pull that appeals to their aesthetic, unscrew the old pulls, then screw new ones in. Check underneath the existing knobs to make sure that the drawer surface hidden beneath is painted the same colour, in order to avoid unsightly surprises with a smaller knob.



There’s no better way to give a room a new, fresh feel than by painting it. Whether homeowners repeat the same colour for a cleaner look, or try a brand new colour, both will give the room a different stylistic feel. Consider matching the colour of the wall with the colour of the linens or decor, or try an accent wall for a unique touch.


Add Window Coverings

Window coverings are an extremely effective way to add dimension and texture to a room. Consider adding drapery for decor purposes around the windows, choosing a new pattern of curtains, or replacing old blinds with a new type. Some homeowners may benefit from adding a blackout shade to the windows to help optimise sleeping conditions.


Build a Canopy

Homeowners can make a simple DIY canopy using toile, a dowel, and a hammer and nails. There are many helpful guides available to show you how to easily and affordably construct a canopy. It’s a great way to turn a bedroom into a romantic and rejuvenating oasis.


Add Pillows, Linens, and Throws

For the kind of people who like to keep it simple in the bedroom – utilising only sheets, a comforter, and pillows to sleep on – considering new bedding accents is a wonderful way to enhance the feel of the room. Great bed decor accents include throw pillows, shams, throw blankets, and more. Consider mixing and matching pillows and accessories with complementing colours and patterns. An eye-catching bed is a stylish centrepiece to any bedroom.


Differentiate Space

Homeowners with large bedrooms may consider turning the one large sleeping space into two different spaces - whether it be a sitting space, work space, or lounge area. Install a large bookshelf to separate parts of the room, or consider hanging screening from the ceiling to create a faux-wall to delineate the space. This can help optimise the space in the home and make the sleeping area its own cosy hideaway.

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