DIY Guide to Home Wood Projects

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DIY Guide to Home Wood Projects

Making wood projects at home becomes easy through practice. Beginning with simple wood projects can eventually lead to the creation of more complex masterpieces. Key holders, bottle openers, and wine holders are some great DIY tasks to help get you started.


Materials Needed

To begin working on these projects, you need to buy the following items:

  • Scrap wood
  • Sand paper
  • Wood stain or paint
  • Hand saw
  • Hooks
  • Nut and bolt
  • Drill
  • Paint brush
  • Varnish
  • String


Key Holder

Beginners can make their own wooden key holder with these five easy steps:

  1. Cut the scrap wood to make a 20x10x4cm (LxWxH) plank. Sand the wood to smooth the edges and improve the quality of the wood’s surface.
  2. Using a paint brush, apply the stain or paint evenly on the wooden plank. Set it aside and let it dry. An optional step after this is to apply wood varnish.
  3. The number of hooks needed depends on how many keys there are to hang. For starters, use eight hooks. Mark the holes for the hooks 3 cm from the top and center it. Measure 1.5 cm from each side and screw in a hook.
  4. From these first two hooks, measure 3 cm to left/right and place another hook. Repeat this until there are four evenly spaced hooks in one row. For the second row, measure 9 centimetres from the top and align the next four hooks to the first row.
  5. The key holder is now complete. Tie a string to the first and last hooks in the first row, then hang it on the wall near a bedroom door or the exit for easy access to keys whenever they are needed.


Wooden Bottle Opener

This simple project will help you practice you drilling and sawing skills. Begin with scrap wood of any size and a nut and bolt that must be 2 cm longer than the width of the wood.

  1. Cut the wood (5 cm width, 12 cm length) using a hand saw. Use sandpaper smooth the wood.
  2. Using the drill, put a hole at one end of the wood’s length, around 2.5 cm from the edge.
  3. Place the bolt into the hole. Make sure that the head of the bolt is protruding about 1.5 to 2 cm from the wood.
  4. Screw the nut on the end of the bolt on the reverse side of the wood. A bottle can then be brought in to test if it works. Adjust the distance of the bolt’s head from the wood, accordingly.


Wine Holder

This project will introduce beginners to a more complicated woodworking tool - a forstner bit.

  1. Saw an old chopping board in half and sand the edges to make them more rounded.
  2. Mark the centre of the 2 planks across its length. From the centre, measure 6cm to the left and mark it.
  3. Get the 2.5cm forstner bit and place its pointed middle marker on the 6cm mark that was made. Drill a hole into one plank and do the same to the other.
  4. Get 2 wine bottles, slip the bottle’s neck into the hole that was put into the plank.
  5. Position the wooden planks on top of a flat surface. The plank and the bottle combination should form an X figure. There should now be 2 wine holders on the table.



A lot of do-it-yourself wood projects can be done at home without much fuss as long as beginners have practiced their skills and that the necessary tools are available. It is best to keep a tool box in order to organise all materials.

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