DIY Hair Extensions- how to install

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          How to install "DIY Hair Extensions"

                                                          aka............ "easy ring extensions", "loop extensions"," power ring extensions"


  1.  Starting at the nape of the neck, make a part from left to right
  2. Tie remaining  hair up and out of the way
  3. Starting in the centre of the part take a small section of hair approx 1cm wide
  4. Take the natural hair and thread it through the loop of the extension
  5. Hold the ring of the extensions and using the plastic loop, pull the natural hair through the ring of the extensions strand
  6. Slide the extensions ring up towards the scalp, leaving approx 1cm gap betwwen the extension ring and the scalp 
  7. Check that there is no stray natural hair caught in the extension ring
  8. Using a small pair of extension pliers, clamp the extension ring so that is fully closed and lying flat to the scalp.
  9. Clamp extension again to ensure a secure hold 
  10. Continue working untill first row is complete

These extension methods must be removed at the end of 3 months wear.. or before




2nd row

  1. Starting directly above the 1st finished row, make a part from left to right approx 1cm thick
  2. Tie remaining hair out of the way
  3. Follow steps 3-10 

Moving up the head, working in rows, continue installing your extensions untill you have reached the top of the ears......... this point you can begin  to work around the head to include the sides......... Remember to leave enough free natural hair to cover the extensions when your hair is pulled back or in an up style............


When installation is complete get your hairdresser to trim of any untidy ends and ask her to cut/blend them in for you........


A "FULL HEAD" will generally consist of between 100- 125 extension strands

RULE of thumb  = 

  • the shorter or thicker the natural hair is, the more extensions you will need
  • the thinner the extension strands the more extensions you will need




Do not clamp extensions too close to your scalp as this will cause tension and discomfort, and could result in breakage of your natural hair:

Leave out hair around the  hair lines, crown and part .... do not put extensions in these areas....... leaving enough hair free in these areas will ensure coverage of extension rings when hair is tied up and/or styled..........

Note; invest in ONLY quality hair care for your extensions..... poor quality or unsuitable hair care WILL deminish the appearence and life span of your extensions... and they will become a nightmare!

My picks for best hair extensions care are....

Kerastase by Loreal - purchase in salons. costs $35-$45 per bottle 

Evii Xtensions 123 System - purchase online.  costs $29 - $32 per bottle 



Good luck , have fun ! 

Moana  xxx










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