DIY Projector Bulb with a blown one.

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• Make notes. Note the original position of the bulb.The lenght of the end part from the reflector is the most important .Remove some of the cement untill you reach the glass of the reflector, then you mark the lamp (or the metal piece on the lamp) . Then you remove the lamp and you measure the distance between the mark and the middle of the arc . If you have measured the distance you mark the new lamp on that same distance starting from the middle of the arc. Now you now how far the new lamp has to be placed into the reflector (untill the mark reaches the glass of the reflector).

• Do not rush.The bulb is still expensive to break.Never bend the bulb’s wire without holding the end with plier.

• Wear gloves.Explosion of the bulbs becouse touching them is NOT an urban legend.If you don’t want to wear them , than you should wash everything down at the end with alcohol.

• Mark the polarity at DC bulbs.Altough in almost all cases the + terminal is connected to the middle,and the + electrode is the bottom one, don’t give a chance to connect the bulb opposit polarity.

Cut the wire as close to ceramic base as you can.
Make note of the distance between the bottom of the bulb and the round bubble on the lamp for replacement of the new one. Then use flat head screw driver with a little masking tape on the end to prevent chipping/breaking glass reflector and pry off the ceramic base & discard it. You do not need to use it in the rebuild. (Actually in some cases the bulb is glued into ceramic base only, not to reflector. Certainly you should not brake base in those cases) .

Now you have to remove remaining glue that's still in the bottom of the reflector to put in the new lamp
Use a small drill bit to start some small holes and then chip away with a small screwdriver or similar tool to remove enough of the old cement to be able to slide in the new bulb.

If the old lamp is still in there (has not exploded) then remove that with pliers with a cloth around it to protect against breaking it (it is ultra high pressure wear safety glasses) Twist it to make it come out.

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