DIY Replacement/Repair Broken LCD SCREEN Replacement

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Below are detailed steps that will help you, yes you can replace your Laptop screen with only the use of a Philips heads screwdriver and a replacement screen.

Broken LCD Screen (Tear Down Instructions)

  • First of all, you should remove the battery and underneath it, you will locate the three screws you need to undo. After undoing the screws, proceed to remove the panel that has been fit on-top of the keyboard.
As you remove the panel, it needs to flip out, desist from applying any force as it should simply come off after having removed the screw.
  • After the above procedure, you arrive at a rather difficult situation; you should first of all remove the two rubber plugs and proceed to remove the two screws beneath the plugs.
  • After successfully removing the above, you should then take ample time and un-clip the screen. Use a little bit of force to un-clip it; however, you should be careful that you do not end up breaking the screen.
  • After successfully un-clipping it, the next step is to ensure that you remove the screen itself. Here you should strain your eye on the screws and ensure that you only remove screws going into the LCD and NOT the screws holding the LCD bracket.
  • After having carefully removed the LCD, flip it over and lift up the tape that is holding down the Laptop LCD cable. You should carefully and in slow gasps attempt to pull the cable from the LCD; these slow steps ensure that you do not end up damaging it.
  • After successfully finishing this part, the next one should see you enter the assembling part. In the assembling part, you should make sure that no cables are hanging out from the LCD case.

Most importantly - most laptop models are similar and will have screws in slightly different areas - ensure you are patient and look out for the obvious parts indicated above.  Generally a laptop screen is fairly easy however if you are ensure feel free to contact a technician for guidance on how to replace it.  Alternatively you can ask me through eBay messenger and I will be more than happy to help.
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