DIY Windshield Repair: Fix a Chip

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How to Repair a Chip in Your Windshield

A chip in the windshield happens without warning. It’s one of those strange yet common road incidents that catch drivers totally off guard. It usually happens when the tires of other cars toss debris behind them, nicking the car glass. Sometimes small rocks fall off large vehicles causing a small, sometimes barely noticeable chip. The sound of impact is however, unmistakable. Once a chip has formed, it can turn into a big problem if not repaired quickly. While it’s easy to have a chip repaired by professionals, it can be costly and inconvenient. To save money and the windshield, repair it using a windshield repair kit.


Factors to Consider before Fixing a Chip

Is a good job possible with a DIY windshield repair kit? Think about it. Most drivers are unprepared for the windshield-chip phenomenon and most are unprepared for the expense of a new windscreen. Fixing a nick with a repair kit may not make it perfect again, but it can help prevent the damage from spreading further.
What automotive professionals actually do. An automotive professional may use a diamond-tipped drill and higher grade tools, including a better “bridge.” This is a mechanism that attaches to the windshield with suction to force resin into the crack.
Which Repair Kit to get? There are dozens of windshield repair kit on the market. The Fix-A-Windshield kit comes highly recommended and includes a bridge similar to the ones used by professionals. Then there is Permatex kit, a popular and economical choice. It uses a syringe to suck the air out of the chip and then resin to seal the glass.
What realistic expectations to have with a DIY kit? The two main objectives are to ensure the break doesn’t grow any larger and the visibility of the crack is significantly reduced; these can be accomplished with a kit. Since this is not a complete repair, keep expectations within reason, as a small investment to bide time for a new screen.


Windshield Repair Kit: Time and Tools Guide

It will take about an hour to do the job after which the car should sit in direct sunlight for the remainder of day. This is a good time to think about where the car should be moved for the drying process. At the start of the job, the opposite is required: no direct sunlight is needed and the windshield should not be hot to the touch.
In addition, wear gloves to keep resin off the skin. A towel will protect the car’s finish, and a roll of paper towel placed under the wiper will act as a barrier to resin drips.


Windshield Repair Steps

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely. The steps listed are only a guide:

  1. Clean the area around the break with an alcohol pad.

  2. Look closely at the chip and pick out any broken glass before beginning.

  3. Holding the doughnut-shaped adhesive, peel off one side of the backing and press it over the chip. Firmly press adhesive unto the glass.

  4. Peel off the other side of the backing off the adhesive. Press the “platform” onto the adhesive so that it angles straight up.

  5. Open the tube of resin. Pour three-fourths of the tube into the platform. The resin should be flowing into the chipped area.

  6. To drive air bubbles out of the chipped area: use the plunger to push all the way in. Put the syringe all the way into the platform and push it into place for an airtight seal. Draw the plunger back to the indent then lock it into position.

  7. Break the vacuum seal by removing the syringe, allowing air into the platform. Now, make it airtight again by re-inserting the syringe. Using one hand to hold the syringe, use the other to press down on the plunger and lock it at the lower setting. Leave or at least 25 minutes.

  8. Remove the syringe and cut the adhesive the safety razor from the kit.

  9. Move the car into direct sunlight. Afterwards, put several more drops of resin into the chip. Smooth the area by putting the plastic strip over the resin and levelling the coat with the razor’s edge.

  10. Remove plastic strip and scrape the resin from the glass.


How to Buy the Windshield Repair Kit on eBay

A chip in the windshield can quickly lead to more damage, including extensive cracks across the entire car screen. To avoid this, repair the chip as soon as possible. Use any of the popular windshield repair kits available on the market.
eBay sellers offer repair kits and a wide assortment of professional tools for car maintenance on the site. To get the repair kit and other car tools on eBay start by typing in "Windshield Repair Kit" in the search bar for a collection of kits. To narrow the search, click on related items to the left, such as a windscreen chip repair, glasses repair kit or plastic welder. To shop for other tools and accessories, click on the “All Categories” section located at the top right of the page.

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