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What a fascinating hobby this is! It's fun, interesting, exciting and the only drawback is the expense. This is usually because of the high cost of postage from overseas where the best dolls are to be found. Ebay has certainly enabled all of us the access to treasures we could never have dreamed of owning years ago. If we did happen to come across an old doll in an antique store the prohibitive cost meant it was usually unattainable in any case. Now it's a cyber space garage sale that exceeds our wildest expectations. The dolls are there for the taking and mostly at extremely modest sums. This of course devalues the dolls immensely but at last all of us can own whatever doll takes our fancy for usually a paltry sum in as short a time as a couple of weeks. The first time I went on ebay and discovered the doll listings was a momentous occassion for me. Being computer illiterate certainly didn't help much but I managed to jumble my way through and sign up with ebay. I was way too scared to buy overseas for awhile but once I managed to put my socks on and lose the cold feet there was no stopping me. The day finally arrived when I had way too many dolls and decided to bite the bullet and list one. What a learning curve that was! I listed a doll at 99c as ebay recommended and as I'd bought her a new wig and outfit was so sure my photos were perfect and on she went. I remember I had one bid and the buyer was from W.A. I worked out the postage and off to the post office I went, disheartened as anybody would imagine to receive such a meagre sum for all my trouble, only to discover that I was $12 short in the postal quote! I have to admit I was having second thoughts about the whole ebay selling experience but persisted anyway. The 99c reserve was something I would never consider again and I always now put my items on for what they have cost me plus the listing fees. I do take a chance occassionally and start them lower than my costs and sometimes I win but I often can lose big time as well. I find the best way is to take the best photos possible and give as good a description as  you can. It amazes me how some sellers can put in a hard to see photo and a description which is basic to say the least. Mind you, I have taken a chance at times with listings like this and been amazed at the treasure that has arrived. On the other hand I've also received a few that, once they arrived, I fully understood why the lousy photo and description! As I said before, a real learning curve.

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