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Hi-Fi Stereos buyers,beware of brands that direct you to some glamorous site with beautiful gear and priced in thousands of US dollars(Symphony Orchestra is one such brand) and fakes reviews from non existing Hi-Fi magazines,they also quite often use the flags of some countries on their gear  e.g  Germany ,USA,Sweden and France as well as writings like Design in such and such country  and 20 or 30 years in existence.Speakers are the most common items targetted by Scammers as chipboard is cheap and nice looking cheap drivers made in china are in abundance,a pair of speakers costing $50.00 can look a million $.If you want good gear, stick with popular Japanese,American or European brands making sure to ask the seller where they are made.Don't believe those high RRP selling for a fraction of itself in BUY NOW you will be very sorry when you listen to the sound.If some unknown brand start mentionning Swedish or Danish keep well away as they are cheap chinese clones after your money.When in doubt google the brand and if you are directed as above forget it.Well i hope that this article help you in making  the right choice and avoid dissapointment.Cheers

Some new names to be wary of ROTHDALE ,MARC VINCENT,eKLIPSCH,B.O.S.E.Take care .

Search scamshield to see all the scams brands,i am starting a campaign to rid Ebay of these brands,starting going to the media as they have a free ride on Ebay,it is like a licence to rip off  as many as they can,as long as ebay get their fees they dont care about the innocents.

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