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A couple of recent experiences with both Ebay sellers and buyers has highlighted the fact that too many ebayers feel that everyone else on Ebay is a crook.

Let me explain. Recently I had sold an item that was in great condition before it left my place, but somewhere between my place and the purchasers place something went wrong! Sadly it was presumed that I was trying to take someone for a ride, a presumption that not only offended my integrity, but made it much harder to satisfy the unhappy customer. In the end I refunded the total amount, sent out another item at absolutely no cost and if I remember correctly, I finally got a thank you that cost me, but hey, hopefully the customer was left a little happier.

To avoid much grief on both ends of any purchase can I suggest a few simple things? 1. Don't presume the person you're dealing with is trying to rip you off! 2. Take a deep breath before you make contact with the other ebayer and then ask honest questions without any degree of accusation. 3. Make it your goal to only deal with integrity and expect others to do the same. 4. Finally, Ebay gives us all avenues to deal with unscrupulous people, do all you can, then only if you have exhausted all avenues of negotiation complete a dispute report and then leave it to Ebay to deal with.

The truth is, sometimes we will come across a crook or two but don't presume everyone falls into that category!

Above all, try and make your Ebay experience FUN!


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