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Hi again,

I recently opened up another account with ebay specifically for second hand items.

I have a terrible habit of constantly revising my adds trying to get them as perfect as I

can. I am certainly not a professional at this ebay game, most assuredly an amatuer.

At one point I thought I would check the View Sellers Other Items link. I noticed that my adds

didn't seem to be coming through. I contacted Live Help which I always do when I have any

problem, they are fantastic. The gentleman I was chatting to asked if I had revised them

recently. When I told him, "yes I can't seem to leave them alone, and that I am constantly

revising to try and get them right. He said to me, just to leave them and not revise anymore.

He went on to explain to me that everytime you revise your adds you are pulling them out

of the system and it takes 2-24 hours for them to be indexed again. Not realising and

wondering why my sales hadn't been doing too well, customers weren't seeing my adds

enough because I kept taking them out of the system in order to get my adds perfect and

make them as attractive as I could. So for any newies out there who like me are still

learning, just a little bit of advice, try to get your adds right the first time and not revise them

all the time. Customers will see them a lot more! Well, you learn something everyday.

Hopefully from now on my sales will start to increase, I know my traffic has.


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