DSLR Cameras - Which One Is the Best?

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So you have decided to upgrade from a compact cameras to a Digital SLR. Great choice but which ones are the best and why is there so much of a price difference?

When look to purchase your first DSLR, the best things to look for is what features your get for the money, also remember that the most important thing with photography is the lens, you can get the best DSLR camera and put a cheap lens on it and you are wasting money.

These days the megapixels are not so important as anything above 6MP is more than enough for most day to day uses, Megapixel only let you print larger so if you mainly print A4 or smaller keep this in mind.

Look at the features, decide if you will use the camera in manual or auto, this can save you heaps when making the choice.

You can get DSLR in lens packages, but remember if it is at a good price, it is likely that the lense are not great ones.

Do your home work on what sort of photography you will be doing and what lense will suit this, also remember to get filters to protect your lenses, much cheaper to replace a filter than the lens, most common ones are UV filters.

Basic rule of thumb is to invest more in your lenses than you camera body, with Digital DSLR cameras the value drops once you have purchased it and new models are released every 6 months, lenses on the other hand have a life of around 3-4 years and if you purchase a good lense the value to resell should you ever want to is quite high.

Nikon and Canon are the top two brands in the market so keep this in mind too.

Enjoy your new DSLR and protect you gear with the right camera bag.
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