DSRs (Stars)

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DSRs (Detailed Seller Rating)

Those pesky little stars can cause a seller much angst. Did you know that if you mark a seller with 4 stars, eBay translate that into a lower percentage for a seller? To eBay 4 stars means a seller isn't good enough and you weren't satisfied with the transaction.

DSRs are very misleading. Let's say for example, you pick up your item. Marking your seller with 3 stars because postage wasn't applicable (neither satisfied or unsatisfied) will result in a rather large fall in your sellers stars.

Buyers need to think very carefully when filling in the stars. To you and I, 5 stars may appear to be the 'impossible' perfect score, but to eBay, 5 stars merely means the seller has done his/her job to a satisfactory level.

Stars can impact greatly not only on a sellers percentage but also their psyche and in some instances they can have their trading or accounts restricted over that 1 little star so please, if your seller has done a good job and you are happy with the product, keep your seller in business by giving them 5 stars.

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