DVD Box Set Guide - How to pick a fake boxset box set

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I know buying DVDs online can be sometimes a daunting & confusing task.
With so many different sellers, different prices, different locations and different cover art, how do you know exactly which is real?
Pirated DVDs are not only illegal but usually sub-standard, you may buy what you think is a bargain only to end up with a pile of
useless discs.

As a DVD seller who sells both on & off eBay, I know what to look for in a genuine release. Here are some tips to help you get the best from your purchase.

What to watch out for:

  • Genuine release cover art does not contain Chinese characters
  • Genuine releases do not have typos on the packaging
  • New or recent release DVDs (those currently screening on TV) will not be released as all region
  • There is no such thing as a DVD being both PAL & NTSC, this is technically impossible
  • The majority of DVD box sets are released only as Region 1, 2, or 4
  • If a season of a TV show is not released yet as Region 1, 2 or 4 then it is most certainly not legal
  • The amount of discs may vary to that of the genuine release
  • The discs are usually packed in plastic pouches instead of proper amaray or digipak packaging
  • The price is considerably cheaper than other box sets of the same title
  • Contrary to public opinion, DVD pricing is quite strongly governed by the releasing studios and while there are instances when an item may be discounted or on-sale, normally the pricing will be similar across all sellers & online stores
  • A genuine release will come with a manufacturers warranty
  • Know your seller, and beware of low feedback sellers selling collections that look a little different to what you buy in the stores
  • Did you know a genuine Asian release will be region 6?

And the best advice, do your research, compare the cover art and description with the recognised eBay sellers and please, don't waste your money!
Buying fakes supports illegal businesses and by receiving these items you may unknowingly be breaking the law!

UPDATED March 2013
There are a lot of fake sets currently on eBay - they are difficult to distinguish from the real item
as the sellers are using the studio images of the real items in their ads! Beware low or new feedback sellers, also items sold at auction over a short timeframe (4-5 day)
Once opening the discs may be in paper or soft plastic sleeves, there may be
a different number of discs, the printing on the discs may be low quality, there may be spelling mistakes
in the artwork, there may be a tv logo on the image when playing (also known as a screener)

The eBay Top Rated Seller logo is no protection against scammers, I have seen 3-4 TRSers in the past month selling fake sets of Sons of Anarchy.

Of late eBay seem to be taking little or no action against sellers listing fakes, if you see a title which may be dubious you are welcome to message me for another opinion. If you buy a set which is fake report it to eBay trust and safety, Paypal and AFACT (Australian federation of Copyright Theft) these thieves must be stopped!

Also beware of the latest scam on eBay Australia - Sellers are selling new release movies at very low prices (under 50% of wholesale) these movies are ex rentals which have been resealed....be careful out there, there are unscrupulous sellers who will do anything to make a $$$ these days.

Known Fakes currently circulating

Sex & The City (watch out for the red velvet boxes with typos on the front cover)
Everybody Loves Raymond
The Simpsons
South Park
West Wing
Star Trek
The L Word
King of the Hills
Jersey Shore
Sons of Anarchy
Baby Einstein

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