Dating After Divorce For Women Over 40 #2

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Dating Secret tip #2 Recognize the fears holding you back from finding your dream man

If your dream man came into your life today would you be ready for him?

Or would there be a dialogue going on in your mind like:

"I’m not sure if I’m ready. I might fail. He might reject me. I might get hurt. I might have to change. I’m afraid to express my feelings. It’s too hard to do. I don’t trust anyone. I’m not good enough. I wouldn’t be perfect. I don’t have the energy. My kids might not like it. What will my family think?"

What we are looking at here is different types of fear.

Spiritual fear – breaking the morals or ethics of some spiritual authority that you have given power to and subordinated your own true values to.

Mental fear – not being smart enough, not having a certain educational degree, not being creative enough, not having the imagination to fulfill your dream.

Social fear – experiencing rejection or reprisal by someone or someone that you have given power or authority to.

Do you recognize any of these? Resistance is fear - fear of the unknown.

Fears are assumptions about what you may experience in the future – it is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Breaking through the fear barriers that are immobilizing you, will set you free to accomplish your goal to date your dream man, much easier and quicker.

Which one of these fears is stopping you from moving forward? Name them so you can move towards overcoming them.

Learning to love who and what you are, is an important step to achieve.

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