Decide if Cloth Nappies are right for you !

Like if this Guide is helpful
It is a big decision to make for a new mum !

Use cloth or disposable nappies..
*What saves money
*What are other benefits of using cloth nappies
*How much cloth nappies cost ?
*Is using cloth nappies a big commitment

All these questions answered by a mum of 2 kids under the age of 3 and used cloth nappies full time on the kids till their toilet training began.
What saves money
Cloth nappies are a clear winner in saving money. It also depend on what sort of cloth nappies you buy,there are 2 main types of reusable nappies in the market.
-One size fits all nappies
-Fitted cloth nappies

One size fits all nappies have adjustable waist and height so all you need to do is adjust the nappy as the baby grows out of the size. As you can see this is a clear winner saving you money.
With fitted cloth nappies you need to buy next size up when your baby grows out of the nappy size.

What are other benefits of using eco friendly nappies?
*Benefits environment by reducing the waste
*No smelly bins full of disposable nappies
*Baby is more comfortable with breathable natural fibre
*Reduce nappy rash

How much Cloth nappies cost?
Like every product in the market the cost varies. It is very important to get a product from a reputable Australian seller.
Price range is $200-$550 for a full set of cloth nappies depending on the brand.
And YES that is all you need to spend on good set of nappies that will last up to 3 yrs.

Is using cloth nappies a big commitment?
I am a working mum of 2 kids who both at one stage used cloth nappies at the same time.
It is not a big commitment - Just have follow a  routine.

Recommended brand of Nappies 

Eco nappies Australia cloth nappies
*simple to use
*Nice bright colours
*Information send to you about how to care for this gorgeous nappies
*Available in full time, Part time or Starter packs
*Prices start from low as $74.95

Need more information about reusable nappies
*Check Tiny Tots baby store blog for updates
*Simply contact us through ebay
*Visit Tiny Tots Eco Store Ebay
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