Declutter and Organise your Home - made simple

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Decluttering and Organising your Home - it's simple

Clutter is distracting.  If your mind is cluttered with thoughts it's hard to get perspective.  If your home is cluttered with "stuff" it's hard to find what you want and it's hard to relax and wind down at the end of the day. 

Does this sound like you?  Are your thoughts all over the place? Is your home or office a battle zone, with piles of things that you'll get around to "one day"?  it's tiring isn't it? 

I can help you.

Decluttering your home is simple - not easy, but simple.

Start with one room at a time.  Picture in your mind's eye how you want it to look.  Ask yourself what the essentials are in that room.  if it's the bedroom you need your bed there, and a wardrobe and probably a chest of drawers and a chair to put your clothes on.  You'll probably want a bedside table and a lamp and maybe a rug on the floor.  Now, take everything else out of that room - all the books and magazines on the floor, all the clothes strewn about or hung over wardrobe doors, all the things that belong to some-one else but have somehow found a home in your bedroom - children's toys or odd bits of furniture that ended up there, the ironing board, the sewing machine and anything else that found its way there!

Now, put new sheets on the bed, dust all the furniture and clean the floor.  Wash the windows to give you a lovely clean feel.

So, what to do with all the things that you have moved out?

Find new homes for some of those things - the ironing board, the sewing machine, the children's toys.

For other things like magazines and books, be brave and make a decision. 

Ask yourself: "Will I finish this book?"  If not, give yourself permission to put it back on the shelf - you can always get it out again later on. 
"Will I ever read this magazine or newsletter?" 
"What will happen if I don't?"  Again, give yourself permission to throw them out, give them away or store them neatly for some other day.

Have a look at what is still in the room.  Now that you have some clear space, is there anything else you'd like to remove?  Ornaments?  Plants?  Give them away if your are brave enough, if not, put them in a box (not the plants) and label the boxes with a list of what's inside.  Then store them in the garage or under the bed or wherever you have space.  That way, you won't feel as though they are gone forever if you're not quite ready to let go, but they will be out of the way for now. 

You'll find that as you enjoy your new clear space you'll be inspired to do more.  Maybe clean out the linen cupboard, or your wardrobe, or a chest of drawers, or the spare room or ......

With each cluttering clearing the method is the same:  take everything out of the cupboard, put it on the bed or the floor, clean the shelves and then put back only what you want to keep.  Everything else sort it, store it, give it away, throw it away - whatever you're ready to do.

Be kind to yourself throughout this process.  Talk soothingly to yourself:  "I can do this, I've made rather a mess here, but now I'm ready to clear it up, good for me!" and so on.

If you'd like more detailed information, have a look at my e-book "Divine Decluttering"
     eBook - Divine Decluttering
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