Deep Cycle Batteries

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Deep cycle batteries should last longer than what they do. We have an ebook we are selling on ebay that will teach you everything you need to know about deep cycle batteries and charging them. The number one rule is you have to have the right combination. The right size battery, the right charing system and the right dischage rate. How many times have you heard that 10% of a battery is what size charger you should use. Example 120 ah battery most sales peopl will tell you 12 ah charger is all you need. Discharging the battery to 50 % is ideal, but what they all fail to tell is that every application is different. What they also fail to tell you is 12 ah hours battery charger will not fully recharge a 120 ah battery if you use 20ah out of the battery. And my favourite is the car alternator. 3 hours to fully charge an agm battery because of their low internal resistance. Truth is no mater what the internal resistance is you are not going to recharge a battery in 3hours with a car alternator. Infact you will not do that with any charging system regargless how big or good that charging system is.
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