Delivery times

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Most sellers plan to delivery your purchase in the fasted possible time.

If you belive delivery is late. PLEASE ask the seller why?

Like most best plans, sometimes issues arise that mess things up. If  a seller has a good feedback please check with them before complaining.

This last year I have had the following issues that have slowed postage of models.

1 Family member in car accident

2 Family death

3 Spilt drink on Laptop = Kaput internet.

4 Illness

5 Moved home no internet for 2 weeks.

6 Car broke down, Mind you it is a 35 year old Land Rover.

7 2 month old puppy fell out of Land Rover on the way to the post office, Sorry the Vet came first.

These are not excuses but real issues that happened.

Like you I somehow know if I am being told a tall story.

Also remember different Countries have holidays at different times.

So just ask.

I like to belive most people are truthful. Just in case Check Feedbacks if there is a problem.

I worry if I had the misfortune of an accident and Buyers are waiting for their model!!!!!!!

But ask first then make your mind up on how you feel, as yes some do tell tall stories (lies)

Happy bargin hunting. Also a happy life.




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