Dermal Anchor Vs Skin Diver - Implanted Body Jewellery

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Dermal Anchor Vs Skin Diver - Implanted Body Jewellery
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We've been selling Body Jewellery for 8 years now and have recently been asked many questions about Dermal Anchors and Skin Divers. There are other terms for such items which are implanted almost anywhere on the body and Micro Dermals is yet another name.

I'd like to explain that I am not a piercer. My company manufactures and wholesales Body Jewellery and much of what we've learnt over the years has been kindly shared with us by our customers here on eBay and the many piercers and retailers we supply.  So, please understand that this information I share, is not from my own personal experiences inserting these items, but experiences shared with me.

Firstly - Dermal Anchors and Skin Divers are manufactured from Solid Titanium. Remember, they must be suitable for under skin applications, so only the highest quality material can be used.

The Dermal anchor here, shows the elongated base with the holes. This sits under the skin and as time goes by, the sinews will entwine and settle around the base of the anchor. You can also see the protruding piece which is where the gem or cone or whatever top you prefer, screws into.
Therefore you can see that a benefit of a Dermal Anchor is the ability to change the top. However, the downside is that if after many years, you decide to have the anchor removed, it may need to be surgically done due to the intricate 'meshing' of the sinews etc. around the anchor.

  Here you see a Skin Diver. The Skin Diver can be one complete piece with a much smaller base which makes it much easier to remove - much like 'popping a zit' I've been told. I understand these are not a hugely painful to have inserted and will be having some done myself very soon!
We've had these made in 2 pieces, so you can change the top as with a Dermal Anchor - you  just unscrew and screw another top on.
   This is a fantastic photo showing brilliant use of Dermal Anchors. The same look could also be achieved by using Skin Divers. However, you might like red eyes this week, and diamonte clear eyes next week and could change them at your whim if you had Dermals inserted rather than Skin Divers.

   This is another very popular depiction of Skin Divers inserted ... in the cleavage is also very popular.

As with any piercing, its always advisable to have a good talk with the person who you're entrusting to do the insertion for you. Whether you choose Dermal Anchors or Skin Divers may also depend on exactly where you want it placed. With the Skin Diver, as you can see from the above picture, it does have a rounded base. This may be painful (only a thought - not confirmed at all) if it gets bumped and the place where it has been inserted sits against a bone ... in that instance it might be better to use a Dermal Anchor which has the flat base.

Some suggestions for where these have been used :  Cheek ... Cleavage ... Back of Neck ... Around the Nipple ... Around the Belly Button ...
Finger ... or across the knuckles ... Tragus ...   ... basically wherever you can think of!

In conclusion, I think these are great ... I do believe they'll be around for a very long time and we'll slowly see more and more use of these fabulous little 'Bling' things (yes I am partial to the gemmed ones!).

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