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Describing your item is utmost important if you are to be selling, especially when it comes to electronics or mechanical objects that move.

Even if you've described your item, listed it as 'Used' 'Refurbished' or 'Broken / Spare Parts' always remember to detail exactly the symptoms of the item in your description.. especially if you've opened the item and attempted to fix it yourself.

Posting error codes, color screens of death, clicks, grinding and any noises the item makes is essential to being honest with your buyer.

Always remember to include what you've done with the object you're selling, it's previous purpose, if you've used it for a purpose it wasn't originally made for or have had it sitting around doing nothing at all.  Sometimes a little history about the item you're selling can even have people grow more interested in buying it! ;d

Sometimes there's even numerous different models of the item you're selling, it's a good idea to include part numbers, SKU codes, product ID's, IMEI's and so on.

And please.. include in your descriptions to your buyers if your item is dirty, so they may choose whether you should clean it or not before sending it in the mail. ;d
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