Designer Clothes Buying Guide.

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Why buy designer clothing and sunglasses?

While many people don't need much convincing, you may not be sure why you would want to spend more on designer clothes and designer accessories. Even with a discount they will cost more, but there are many reasons why they are worth the price!

The quality and fit are unbeatable. If you look closely at designer pieces, you will notice how carefully everything is made, and when you wear them, you will feel the luxury. Designer clothing is cut with attention to detail and is sewn to be as flattering as it can be. Designer shoes are made with the highest quality materials, and are made to last. Even designer handbage are meticulously constructed.  The higher cost is due to the finer materials used and are more carefully constructed, that then gives it that love and feel.

You'll Project Confidence. When you look successful and are well dressed, there is no dount that you will feel better about yourself. And whn you like the way you look adn feel in your clothes, others cna sense it! Designer clothes and accessories radiate success! Whether you have already made it or and want to let others know, or you are just faking it until you do so :) , designer pieces will send the message that you are confident and in total control.

You will be ahead of trends. After designer styles come out, other companies rush to ake quick cheap knock offs. When you buy the originals, you'll have the trendy items in your cupboards before anyone else. However designer items are not throwaway trends. Since your pieces will be in style a little longer, you'll get more use out of them.

Todays designer clothes are tomorrows heirlooms.  Fashion victims scour through thrift stores for them. Daughters rejoice them when they find them in their mothers attics. They are the designer shoes, clothing and accessories that are a thing of the past. When regular shoes are old they are just old. But when designer shoes are old, they become collectors items. The iconic styles and materials make vintage designer pieces highly sought after for many years.

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