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So you have thought about buying a trendy label but what is a good label, and how can it be measured? Well labels can be measured by price however this is not always true!

I have listed a few examples of what I believe to be good bad or just average when it comes to Clothes and Fashion Items.You may think Oh but who are you but I think I would have the abilty and experence to advise as a Fashion Student and soon to be label owner!


So you want the label without the Extreme price    

 ////// TWO WORDS\\\\\\ 

Sass & Bide

I myself own countless items of there clothing range, From Super Hot Jeans to really stunning tops and your everyday mini skirt! I love Sass & Bide, The label is very well known, The designer orginally started in a market stall in London and is know a internation designer!

Below is 3 Hot Links I have found that you I believe best represesnts Sass & Bide

Frayed Misfits Jeans

      Empire Revolution Blouson       

 I own this beautiful piece. It is my favorite top I have bought all year, looks so hot with skinny navy jeans!


The best way to look buy any Sass and Bide Item on Ebay is Not to rush! There is usually Alot of items that are for sale on Sass and Bide currently there are 717 Items!

Dont only look at new Items although you might find the majority of what you want to buy in the new items section. With such a good designer Second hand items are DOUBLE DOUBLE bargains!!!

Now shoes Girls Love shoes! I think I abuse that statement, for me the thought of a shoe makes me happy. The target market for shoes is everyone who has feet so know that you have figured out you do have feet you need to know this!!!

EBAY is so fantastic to buy shoes! The only problem which may occur is size...It is vital that you are comfotable with your shoe size and know what size you are! If you dont pop into Myers or David jones and asked to be sized up.

So you see a Sexy Pair of Heels and you have to buy them and Ohh look the $200 off what you saw them in the store!! I seriously recommend you go into that store and try that shoe on! Once you found the one that fits then find the one which is listed on Ebay and try it on! If it is comfortable slightly tight you might get away with it because generally shoes do always strectch so this might not be a huge problem for long.

The most popular shoe collection in my Walk in Wroble are

Marc Jacobs

Tony Bianco


Buying on ebay will save you so much money!You usually can save 50% of the normal retail price!

I hope you have enjoyed my review I could go on for much longer if I wanted!

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