Designer Sunglasses- How To Tell Authentic or Fake?

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If you are anything like me, when it comes to purchasing designer sunglasses, you want to be sure that you are getting the real deal and not getting "ripped".

There is a massive saving to be made, but how do you actually know if what you are purchasing is "AUTHENTIC" or "FAKE"?

First of all you will need to do some research on the makes, models, and get the serial numbers of the designs that you are interested in purchasing. Go to your local upmarket stores where they stock the designer sunglasses, try them on and note down all the information I mentioned above. Every pair of designer sunglasses throughout the world have their own unique code embed onto the inside of one of the legs. This is how you know you are infact purchasing legitimate sunglasses and not "FAKES".

You will then need to scour the search engines and begin looking at pricing, and .authenticity Once you have found the sunglasses that you like from scouring the search engines, get onto eBay, and start researching on there. Once you have done this, you will then have a clear snapshot of waht eBay and other online sellers can offer you, interms of simplicity, authenticity and of course pricing!

Once you have found them on eBay check these things out

  • Be sure to check the sellers feedback, and what they are specialising in particular, in this case with this niche, being desinger sunglasses.
  • It must state that the sunglasses are "AUTHENTIC". If the auction does not state this information, conatct the seller for more details, prior to placing any bids.


There are a few big players on eBay selling sunglasses that claim  to be legitimate suppliers of designer sunglasses. However, this is not always the true scenario.

I myself have been caught by purchasing what I thought were "Authentic" sunglasses. On arrival they were flimsy plastic pieces of junk!

 In most cases, once the sale ahs been made, the seller will not want to hear from you, as in their mind they have "got you".

There are massive savings to be made, be sure to be weary, keep your eyep open to detail, and always check the sellers reputation as a trusted seller.

Be sure that they are infact, "AUTHENTIC" designer sunglasses that you are purchasing to avoid disappointment!


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