Designer jumper for your dog

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Buying a jumper for your dog is harder than you think. Lots of times it is very hard to get the right length and width.

The jumpers I make are knitted in a rib which means that you only need to worry about the length. Unless your dog is very skinny or maybe a bit on the bigger side. If that is case just let me know and I will make the jumper to your specifications.

The jumpers go over the head like any jumper and there are no strings, buttons or anything that can irritate your dog. There are 2 holes for the front legs to go though and the jumpers are shorter underneath, so need to take it of for the dogs to do their business.

To find out what size you need, measure your dog from neck to base of tail.

I have different designs: Plain coloured, striped, jumpers with faux fur collar, tuxedos, footy jumpers, even tiny puppy jumpers and jumpers with little sleeves.

I make them from 20cm to 65cm.

Basically they are designer jumpers for your dog.

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