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In this Guide, we would like to offer you some details regarding one of the most incredibly powerful Wands with which we are familiar -

The Crystal and Copper Healing Wand

The quintessential Magical Tool in the minds of most people is the Wand. This is used by the Magus to project the power of will. In fact, it becomes the physical representation of his or her magical will. It becomes the most intensely personal tool of the Art and is used for virtually everything. Over time, it will gather a magical charge through use that is clearly perceptible when it is held.

Welcome to SerpentineMoon!
We offer a MAGICKAL selection of Wands, handcrafted in Australia, using Crystal, Willow and Silver - to name a few of the wonderful materials.  Be sure to visit the Wand Collection of our Store to see the complete range.

The Atlantean Power Rod is a beautiful Ceremonial Healing Wand in Crystal, Leather and Copper.


Crystal power amplifies universal forces that can be used to modify, accumulate and direct the powerful mental, psychic and material energies of being.

A single Quartz point sits atop one end as a *Director* and an additional crystal is at the other end, acting as a *Collector*.

The copper tube acts as an energy accumulator, or funnel; the leather is an insulator, and the quartz crystal acts as an energy transducer, capacitor, and focus for the beam of energy.


The ATLANTEAN POWER ROD contains the very essence of ancient advanced science. The basic rod is a hollow copper tube. At one end is a quartz crystal, which is about ¾" to 1" in diameter. It is about 1½" to 3" long. The outer covering or insulation is leather, wrapped in a flat spiral. Some healing wands have quartz crystal or other crystals on both ends and others have just one crystal with a copper end cap at the other end.

In the area of health and healing, all diseases become curable. The use of these wands employing crystal energy is actually a simple process that allows the balance of the body to be restored. The affected organism heals itself. 

One of the most valuable uses for this type of rod is in healing, where the energy from the rod is used to remove energy blockages in the biomagnetic field of the body. This provides a balanced flow of the body's life-force energy. Removing the energy blocks provides a balance, while the body actually does the healing itself. This type of healing is easily done with plants, animals and people. 

Anyone can learn to use an Atlantean Power Rod in a short time. The energy is natural and basic to life; the technique of operation is simple. 

What you think is what you get. You're probably familiar with most of the positive thinking procedures and how they apply to your life. They always work. The only difference is how fast or how slowly they work. 

Very likely people will need to take responsibility for self-healing and for solving problems in the near future. Many people are already taking constructive action regarding their own health. 

These Wands are capable of delivering a large amount of accurately focused energy, at short or long distances, with little or no time delay involved. The operator does not have to move or travel to affect its usage. These crystal energy tools, in the hands of an experienced operator, have the ability to reach out through space and time, trans-forming both energy and matter on a subatomic level.

Many people feel an intuitive familiarity with these energy wands. Some say it may be from a previous incarnation in one of the ancient civilizations of Earth, or even another lifetime on another planet.  It may be from references in ancient writings, or even present day UFO reports.

The only thing that moves through an energy wand is Energy. It operates in the exact degree of power and efficiency as the operator to which it is attuned. As soon as one takes possession, it begins functioning in the passive mode, radiating energy in all directions from the crystal. Picked up by the operator, it continues to function in this manner. When the operator focuses it by pointing and thinking/visualising, a blue-white ray of energy beams in that direction from the point of the quartz crystal at the end. Thought switches the device from passive radiating energy to an active energy beam. Intensity and distance of the beam are determined by a combination of thoughts amplified by the emotions of the individual operator. 

Crystal power amplifies universal forces that can be used to modify, accumulate and direct the powerful mental, psychic and material energies of being.

If beauty were the only function of the mineral kingdom it would be purpose enough.  It is perhaps even more miraculous that the shapes and colours of crystals have particular purposes which can help to guide us on our spiritual paths.

The CRYSTALS that are placed on each end of the Wands carry additional energy that assists the user in achieving their will with their wand.  Please remember though ... all of these aspects of the Wands enhance the power and energy that the Wand is able to transmit, but the focus MUST come from the user ... without pure intent and strong focus from the user, the Wand is unable to achieve anything on its own.  The Wand acts as a focus to assist the user in better directing the energy that they are wishing to transmit.  We have designed quite a few pages that outline the Metaphysical Properties of various CRYSTALS for those of our clients who choose to have a wand crafted by us.

Wands are believed to focus and magnify the energies of the crystals and metals they contain.  When your wand chooses you, you can be assured of a magical partnership.

"The Wand chooses the Wizard, remember ........ "

from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, by J. K. Rowling

You can use the wand to "brush" your Auric fibres - this can help relieve stress and is quite pleasant. As with so many of these techniques, it's not what you do with the wand - it's how you think. A wand can be used for healing by using it to direct energy towards the Chakra that is injured. A favourite use for a wand is to allow one to enter the spirit realms more easily - imagine your being, your consciousness, as white light flowing from your head down your arms, through your wand and out the tip towards the spirit realms.



Visit the MAGICKAL and CRYSTAL WANDS  department of the SerpentineMoon Store to view the complete range of our MAGICKAL WANDS Collection.  
Designs are always available Made to Order, or often as a *Buy it Now* option, and different ones will be offered to Auction from time to time, depending upon availability.

All the Wands have the following qualities:

  • Individual designs and always unique, the Wands may have the same design as another in the range, but in being individually Hand Crafted, no two are ever exactly the same.  They are Hand Crafted in Australia with artistic patience.
  • Natural crystals and silver embellishment.
  • Each hand made Crystal Wand has been made with Love and Healing Energy, here in Australia and is ready to move into its new home.
  • Each wand is cleansed before it leaves for its new home. This removes the vibrations of the wand maker from the piece so that it is in a neutral state until the new owner links with the wand.
  • Each and every wand created leaves with a simple safety precaution : the wands are dedicated to the light and may only be used for the very highest good of all involved in the use of the wand.

Choose from a selection of varying beautiful feathers, crystals and leathers to have an Atlantean Crystal Power Wand created by SerpentineMoon to your own needs.

Please visit the *MAGICKAL and CRYSTAL WANDS * Department of our eBay Store -
Our Store specialises in  all types of Metaphysical items - Spirituality, Wicca, Pagan, Shamanism, etc 

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