Detection Of washed banknotes

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I brought some UNC banknotes from ebay Singapore a year ago. I was beginning to collect banknotes then and being naive, I totally "trusted" sellers and do not understand what is a washed notes and etc.

2 weeks ago, I made a wonderful discovery that by shinning UV light on the washed notes, I can actually, to my horror, that the UNC note were washed. I was totally so sad that I even considered giving up collecting. But wait, why should I let these crooked sellers got away free.. so I decided to devote my time now to "educated" buyers on these matters.

I sourced for nearly 2 weeks for a portable UV detector and bingo... I've found it. So, nowaday, I always have it in my pocket.

Only yesterday, I met a collector that was so proud to owned a UNC note but after I "scanned" it, and told him that what he has is another washed note which cost him USD1,300. I felt so sorry for him.

John Ho
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