Diagnostic Interface Scanner Buying Guide

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Diagnostic Interface Scanner Buying Guide

If consumers prefer to diagnose their own car issues before heading to a mechanic, a diagnostic interface scanner is a must have. What these devices do is easily plug into a vehicle and read computer codes that help diagnose what the issue is that the vehicle is having. Most scanners also read other things like the airflow rate and the fuel pressure.

There are various types of diagnostic interface scanners that consumers are able to find on eBay, and though they are also available in auto stores, there are many types that consumers are likely to see online for all makes and models of vehicles that offer different features and functions. Educated consumers are able to make a wise purchasing decision once they learn about the various scanners that are available for purchase.

About Diagnostic Interface Scanners

Diagnostic interface scanners are used to read codes generated by a vehicle's computer, which tell the consumers why the check engine light is on, and where there are problems with the car. The scanners also turn the warning and alarm lights off that can be annoying for drivers. Newer versions of scanners not only help diagnose car problems, but they offer a wide variety of other information about the car, such as airflow levels and the temperature of the car's coolant.

While mechanics use these scanners frequently to diagnose car problems, there is no reason why consumers cannot use them to keep themselves informed of car issues. With wireless technology and other peripheral devices, there are many ways to use the scanners that are simple and easy to read and understand. Consumers do not have to be professional mechanics to figure out why their check engine warning light is on. A diagnostic interface scanner reads the car's computer and informs the consumers about what the problems are before consumers have to spend money on repairs or parts.

Types of Diagnostic Interface Scanners

While older scanners plug into the vehicle's port and display the results on the scanner itself, newer models are Bluetooth compatible and are easily used with updated technology such as smartphones. Scanners vary in price according to their features and design. Consumers do not need to spend much money on scanners unless they require all of the advanced features. Most scanners are affordable and offer all of the necessary information to make a diagnosis.

Car Plug-in Scanners

The traditional type of scanner is one that plugs into the port inside the car that is generally located near the steering wheel or somewhere near the dashboard. The port is called the OBD II connector, and once the key is turned the reader begins to scan the car's computer to determine where the trouble lies. Once the issues are found, the users of the scanner can reset the codes to turn the check engine light off or any other trouble lights that have turned on to alert the car owners of an issue.

These are generally easy to use and instructions are simple to follow, which show right on the screen. For consumers who are looking for a very basic diagnostic interface scanner, these are the most traditional, common type that mechanics have always used.

Bluetooth Wireless Scanners

With today's technology, scanners are becoming more and more updated to reflect modern features. Wireless scanners are compact and inexpensive, and take up much less space than plug-in scanners. They use wireless technology to read the car's computer, and the results are available with the use of a Windows computer or phone that is on an Android platform. These scanners generally come with included CD-ROM software that is installed to read the results on a computer or a variety of other devices including a Windows or Android smartphone.

Apple Scanners

For consumers who are using Apple technology such as iPhones or Mac computers, there are specific Apple scanners that are compatible with these devices. Special software helps consumers diagnose their car's problems and check it out on any compatible device, even an iPad tablet. They also include a database of what some of the codes mean, so figuring out the issues is as simple as a few clicks.

Once software is installed with the aid of a CD-ROM, any Apple device can be used to check out what the commands mean. These devices offer Wi-Fi capability, which, when used with special iOS software, creates a user-friendly experience for Apple users who are checking their vehicle with a diagnostic scanner.

Diagnostic Interface Scanner Features

While some basic scanners simply scan for the car trouble codes, others perform a world of other services for consumers. Some of these features include an easy-to-read, large screen, more than one language option, compatibility with many types of vehicles, and upgradeable software options.

Other features of some diagnostic interface scanners include the ability to read the coolant temperature, fuel system status, engine RPM, and fuel pressure, so consumers know more than simply what the trouble codes mean, but are able to diagnose other issues as well. Some high-quality, professional models offer the ability to print codes and code history of a vehicle, and retrieve information from a car that consumers may be considering purchasing, as well as general information like the VIN number.

Purchasing the Right Diagnostic Interface Scanner

When consumers are looking for the right scanner, there are a few considerations to think about. Purchasers need to ensure that the scanner is compatible with their vehicle. The scanner must also be OBD II compliant to work with most vehicles, and have the standard connector on the dashboard that traditional scanners plug into. In addition, consumers need to purchase the correct type of scanner for their electronics platform, such as Apple, Windows, or Android.

How to Buy a Diagnostic Interface Scanner on eBay

If you want to see what is wrong with your car before heading to the mechanic and spending thousands, check it out yourself with a diagnostic interface scanner. Find great deals on scanners when you shop on eBay. Use the search box to type in keywords, such as "diagnostic interface scanner", or navigate to diagnostic tools and filter the categories as necessary.

Check the seller's listing carefully before purchasing a scanner to ensure it is compatible with your car's type as well as your device, such as an iPhone or Windows computer. Read the seller's feedback to ensure the seller has completed successful transactions prior to yours. Leave your own positive feedback once you have received your scanner, which helps sellers perfect their purchasing process as well as guide other buyers to make informed buying decisions.


When the check engine light comes on, it is never easy for most consumers to zero in on the exact problem. With a diagnostic interface scanner, it only takes seconds to determine what the issue is. If consumers enjoy fixing their own car, the device is a must have, because it is wise for buyers to check out the problem before taking the car to a mechanic. This is a money saving idea for consumers who do not know much about car issues but want to stay informed about what is going on with their own vehicle.

There are many price ranges and types of scanners, from the most basic, easy-to-use models to more sophisticated, professional scanners. Scanners are easy to use, and provide consumers trouble codes as well as definitions for the codes. Head to eBay to find the best deals on diagnostic interface scanners.

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